Chemists could yield future devices such as next-gen displays and solar cells — ScienceDaily

Today, you can carry an entire computer in your pocket because technological building blocks from the 1950s are becoming smaller and smaller. But in order to create future generations of electronics – such as more powerful phones, more efficient solar panels or even quantum computers – scientists will need to come up with completely new … Read more

[ANALYSIS] Yield troubles at Samsung Electronics endanger big bets

An employee of Samsung Electronics inspects the chip equipment at the company’s plant in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi. [JOONGANG PHOTO] Samsung Electronics is struggling with semiconductor revenues, jeopardizing its high stakes on system chips and the foundry business. The problem, which has been apparent for some time and a favorite topic of the semiconductor press, came in … Read more

Education and tech partnerships yield big benefits

Imagine a future where communities across the Navajo nation will have access to clean water, and Navajo students become community leaders who engage family and community members in the use of modern technology, honoring and integrating deep cultural traditions. This is the vision of N4WPP, the Navajo Nation Technical University of Navajo (NTU) -New Mexico … Read more