‘India’s COVID management is a story of leadership, innovation & dedication’, says the world

Managing COVID in India is a great success story that has been a torchbearer for the rest of the world. Jan Andolan and Jan Bhagidari were key pillars, and leadership, innovation, dedication, partnership, sharing and the use of technology were crucial in the process. The administration of more than 181 doses of Crore vaccine has … Read more

Comment | In a world of digital innovation, what if art becomes… boring?

Do art historians have midlife crises? I don’t mean the kind where you want to buy a motorcycle and visit distant galleries – I’ve overcome that in my 30s, thanks to the BBC – but in terms of no longer responding to art as internally as before. Dulling of artistic feelings. What if looking at … Read more

Shared innovation is an essential condition in the world of photonics

Faster, lighter, more durable and, ultimately, much cheaper: the benefits of photonic circuits are significant for a wide range of applications. And the Netherlands is playing an important role on a global scale in the development and application of this key technology. In recent years under the leadership of c PhotonDelta, a solid foundation was … Read more

Flying Cars In 3 Years? Japan Sets 2025 Target For ‘Innovation Of The Century’, To Run eVTOL Services During Osaka World Expo

In 2025, visitors to the Osaka World Expo may be able to take a ride in flying cars / taxis connecting eight potential destinations at a speed of about 20 flights per hour. The Japanese government has set a goal to carry out commercial flights of flying cars by 2025. The exhibition in Osaka, which … Read more

LG : Chem Invites Innovative Technology Ideas for Startups Around the World

■ Sustainable Technology Competition for Innovative Startups Worldwide□ Entries are accepted on the main page of the competition from March 16 to May 1 ■ Inviting ideas in four sectors, such as circular plastics, renewable hydrogen, carbon use and sustainable materials for batteries □ Practical support, such as research and development and commercialization, will be … Read more

How inclusive innovation could transform food systems – and help to end world hunger – The European Sting – Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology

(Credit: Unsplash) This article is presented to you through The European Sting’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum. Author: Kate Whiteing, senior writer, shaping content Two years of the COVID-19 pandemic and now the invasion of Ukraine have disrupted the world’s food systems. The World Economic Forum and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the … Read more

Venture Leaders at the Mobile World Congress 2022 – Venturelab

16.03.2022 07:40, Rafael Kellner “Untied Communication” was the name of the Mobile World Congress 2022. The maxim for entrepreneurs: for one week, Venture Leaders Mobile contacted investors, corporations and other technology innovators in Barcelona. Read our review of the road show, full of excitement, … Read more

Innovation, social equity not mutually exclusive – World

The Fusin remote control train runs on the Lhasa-Ninchi Railway during a pilot operation in Shannan, Tibet Autonomous Region of Southwest China, on June 16, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua] As China’s leaders evaluate strategies to implement dual-circulation and shared welfare initiatives, it is useful to reflect on the broad ambitions of the programs: sustainable economic growth, technological … Read more

Wireless Power is Already Changing the World

What you will learn: How wireless power is already transforming the logistics industry. How wireless power will change health care. How wireless electricity will drive innovation in the consumer sector. We live in a world where the number of devices that help us with safety, security, entertainment, performance and health is constantly increasing. These electronic … Read more

School feeding day: How meals offer a route to education… and a way out of hunger and inequality – World

Without investing in the health and well-being of the next generation, we have no hope of achieving food security, says Carmen Bourbano of the World Food Program March 10, 2022, WFP staff Even before the pandemic, “there was already a global learning crisis,” says Carmen Burbana, head of the school’s nutrition department at the World … Read more