Cleveland Orchestra gets back to live education business with ‘Music’s Many Voices’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Severance Music Center is the surest sign of better times – it’s not spring. This is the return of school buses to East Boulevard. It will take place March 16-18, when the Cleveland Orchestra welcomes school bands to “Music’s Many Voices,” their first live educational concert program in two years. “We … Read more

Scientific measurement won’t answer all questions in education. We need teacher and student voices, too

A recently published review report on primary teacher education recommends that universities use randomized controlled research (RCT) to find evidence of effective teacher education methods. It says: Randomized controlled research (RCT), the gold standard in empirical research, is rarely used in assessing the impact of primary teacher education (ITE) programs. Higher education providers are encouraged … Read more

Midlands Voices: Tailored education could reduce risks of cancer for Nebraskans | Columnists

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly half of all cancer diagnoses and nearly half of all cancer deaths can be prevented. The statistics are impressive, but, as the great Dr. Irving Selicaff said, “statistics are just numbers, tears wiped away.” So how can we achieve the goal of turning such statistics from tears into … Read more

Legislature should invest in the education of all [column] | Local Voices

We are board members from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our school districts range from small to large, from rural to urban, with good resources to underfunded. Despite the different contexts, each of us sincerely believes that full and equitable funding for education is a smart and fruitful investment in our community, and that the … Read more

Exposing the truth about education funding [column] | Local Voices

Does more money improve student performance in our public schools? This issue is at the center of many political debates in Harrisburg and is central to the high-profile lawsuit in the Commonwealth Court. His answer costs billions of dollars to taxpayers and could affect the future of thousands of students – but some state lawmakers … Read more

Education to Create a Sustainable Future | Smithsonian Voices

Students at St. Patrick’s College in Montevideo, Uruguay, are collaborating to imagine an ideal sustainable community using the Smithsonian’s Guide to Global Goals, Sustainable Communities, with partner in field testing XSTEM. St. Patrick’s College Our common goal People say start over. Educators take this to heart by using techniques such as a list of basic … Read more