Unruly Entrepreneur Pioneered Electronic Medical Devices

As a child, Michael J. Kadahi was known for pranks. When his father was the U.S. ambassador to Poland, young Mike learned to make explosive cigarettes. One of them sang the mustache of a Polish general at a diplomatic reception. He later missed college and had trouble finding a career. In his 40s, however, M … Read more

3 Ways to Improve Odds for Success with Startups

Strategic partnerships between health systems and startups can play a key role in helping areas change the way they deliver through digital innovation. However, this relationship can be difficult for both parties. Developing a common understanding of the issues that need to be addressed, building a sound and effective system for decision-making that does not … Read more

Centre County, Penn State has busy calendar of business, networking events in April

Venture and IP conference What is it: The Invent Penn State Venture & IP Conference on April 28-29 is one of the largest conferences of technology startups in the Mid-Atlantic. The conference highlights innovations from fast-growing and emerging markets including IT, energy, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, healthcare, B2B and B2C among others. The conference in 2022 … Read more

Delaware News Roundup: The Innovation Space’s First Fund has more money and resources for science startups

Editor’s note: This story first appeared in the form of a newsletter along with a review Technical.ly’s Delaware’s best reports for the week, vacancies and more. Sign up here to receive updates on Delaware’s technology, business and innovation to your inbox on Thursdays. Great news for science startups. Delaware Innovation Space increased the amount of … Read more

LG : Chem Invites Innovative Technology Ideas for Startups Around the World

■ Sustainable Technology Competition for Innovative Startups Worldwide□ Entries are accepted on the main page of the competition from March 16 to May 1 ■ Inviting ideas in four sectors, such as circular plastics, renewable hydrogen, carbon use and sustainable materials for batteries □ Practical support, such as research and development and commercialization, will be … Read more

Space Coast EDC Driving Innovation, Supports Space Coast Pitch Challenge at Groundswell Startups

Groundswell Technical Incubator is home to more than 200 technology-focused founders and entrepreneurs Kalogon Technologies has won nine finalists in the Shark Tank-style Space Coast Pitch Challenge on March 10 at Groundswell Startups, co-located at 2412 Irwin Street in Melbourne. (EDC image) “The next L3Harris could be a company under launch or growing on the … Read more

FinTech Data Innovex and YKOFX Offer Historical Market Data to Spur Innovation among FinTech Startups

logo-ykofx.org ykofx-org-image YKOFX to Provide FinTech Data Innovex Startups with Free Access to Data to Promote Technology Innovations That Will Benefit the Industry YOKAHAMA, KANAGAWA, JAPAN, March 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – YKOFX, a pan-Asian exchange with an innovative and reliable set of products that provides its customers with some of the best tools, along with … Read more

Food innovation hub KitchenTown grows impact-driven Bay Area startups

Novice screenwriters, listen. KitchenTown San Mateo would be an amazing HBO series. In the halls of this 20,000-square-foot campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, scientists and food strategists are helping to develop a new generation of innovative food startups. Nutrition for the brains of infants. Protein made from air. Mediterranean robot for making grain … Read more

5 steps to push healthcare tech innovation now that data interoperability is here

Healthcare technology is based on user data, but simply collecting this data is not enough. Ninety-five percent of physicians say increasing data compatibility will improve patient outcomes. To make their products better for their users, healthcare technology companies must also share their data with other healthcare providers, payers and software companies, and create tools that … Read more

EarlyBirds Open Innovation Ecosystem Helps Startups and

Ford, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – EarlyBirds Open Innovation System invites innovators – startups, large and even established organizations to find their business profiles on the EarlyBirds platform, link them to other business profiles and add products, solutions (or “Innovation”) and services so that other organizations can understand what they are doing and contact … Read more