Simply Printing High-Performance Perovskite-Based Transistors

Perovskite-based printing technology has been proposed, which has hitherto been considered a problem. The POSTECH research group is led by Professor Yong-Yang No and Ph.D. Candidates Ao Liu and Huihui Zhu (Department of Chemical Engineering) in collaboration with Professor Myung Gil Kim (School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering) of Sungkyunkwan University have improved the … Read more

UBQ Wins 2022 SXSW Innovation Award For Waste-Based 3D Printing Filament

The Israeli company UBQ Materials received an award for innovation at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual conference and festival that celebrates progressive and transformative projects in technology, film, education and culture. The technical waste conversion firm was selected as the winner in the speculative design category at the 24th Annual SXSW Innovation … Read more

New method of 3D printing electronics tested in zero-gravity by Iowa State ‘NINJAS’ researchers

Researchers from the University of Iowa have successfully tested a new approach to 3D printing electronics under zero gravity. Instead of gravity, the team’s technology efficiently uses electric power to layer glass-based conductive inks, thus allowing complex circuits to be created. Working with NASA, engineers are seeking to develop this process into a means of … Read more

DuPont Bets On Electronics 3D Printing

It is already clear that some of the largest and most important companies in the world are studying the use of 3D printing electronics. This includes Google GOOG Meta, GE, Johnson & Johnson JNJ , and Samsung, among others. However, not only one type of 3D printing process of electronics, but the whole ecosystem is … Read more

BCN3D Reveals its New Resin Technology, VLM, for Multi-Material 3D Printing

Already 10 years present in the FDM printer market, BCN3D today has reached a turning point with the introduction of new technology. After three years of research and development, the Barcelona-based manufacturer will release Viscous Lithography Manufacturing (VLM) technology. As the name implies, this is a technology for printing viscous resins based on stereolithography. Sharing … Read more

Crispr Patent Ruling Picks Winners in Dispute Over Gene-Editing Technology

In a recent turn in a lengthy legal dispute over a popular gene editing tool, U.S. patent authorities ruled that the Broad Institute deserves credit for inventing a way to use Crispr in plants and animals. The 84-page decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office involves some of the biggest names and institutes in … Read more

3D Printing in Electronics Market 2021 Product Analysis By Latest Innovations – ZNews Africa

GET A SAMPLE REPORTBUY THE FULL REPORT Global 3D printing in the electronics market research is an intelligence report in which a thorough effort is made to study correct and valuable information. The data reviewed are based on both existing top players and future competitors. The business strategies of key players and new industries entering … Read more

Relativity is 3D printing rockets and raising billions. Will its technology work?

Relativity Space, a rocket startup that Ellis founded in 2015 after he left Jeff Bezas ’space company, plans to build fairly small rockets that can cheaply and quickly launch satellites into orbit. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same business plan that dozens of rocket startups around the world are promoting. Relativity stands … Read more

MIT team uses 3D printing technology to develop shape-shifting robotic cubes for just $0.60

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAIL) and the University of Calgary have developed a new type of robotic cube that changes using 3D printing technology. ElectroVoxels, as they are called, are self-configuring blocks of robots that can assemble themselves into a variety of shapes. These modular robots do not … Read more

LUCAS: 3D Printing of Houses Adds Innovation to Address Our Housing Crisis

As we at Sunshine Initiative work to revitalize our small towns and communities, we are always looking for the latest and most innovative approaches that can solve important challenges and advance our communities. With that in mind, we are excited to sponsor a visit to New Hampshire by Zach Mannheimer, CEO of Alquist 3D. Zack … Read more