US Navy sends ‘electronic attack’ jets to Germany: Here’s how they work.

The United States has deployed six “electronic attack aircraft” in northern Europe, increasing its military forces in the region since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They are designed to overcome enemy air defenses by damaging the radar systems on which they often depend, giving friendly aircraft a substantial combat advantage. Six fighters – EA-18G Growlers – … Read more

Navy electronic attack aircraft heading to Germany amid Ukraine war

With thousands of troops deployed to Europe in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the navy is increasing its assets in the region. The Department of Defense announced Monday that six EA-18G Growlers with 240 crews and technical staff will head to Spangdahl, Germany, with 14,000 troops, which the U.S. has pledged to reassure NATO. … Read more

Dear Congress, the U.S. Needs Innovation in the Navy

With a new budget for the US military finally passes, The U.S. Congress has now blessed Navy admirals with the opportunity to implement the first wave of new strategic activities that rely less on carriers and more on smaller ships supported by drones. However, these efforts to innovate the U.S. Navy’s doctrine sparked a backlash … Read more

U.S. Navy awards Saab contract for improvements to electronics, radar systems

The U.S. Navy has chosen Operation DeWitt Saab, Inc. for a contract to help improve the Navy’s electronics and radar systems, the office of Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate Charles Schumer (D – NY) announced on Friday. (Photo credit: DeWIT, New York – The U.S. Navy has chosen Operation DeWitt Saab, … Read more

Navy Uses Information Technology to Enable Information Technology

Those in charge of control, management, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) for the U.S. Navy are using their own resources to address the challenges posed by the introduction of new systems. More data means more work for fighters without any technological assistance, and greater opportunities at the border can be frustrating if sailors and marines … Read more

Navy Focuses on Internal Change to Sustain and Innovate

The U.S. Navy is working on its own internal processes to improve production and accelerate new technologies in existing and future systems. Once experimental processes have now become commonplace as the Maritime Service seeks to cut costs, maximize value and innovate ahead of rivals. These efforts are being applied to existing procurement and modernization programs … Read more