Quantum Experiment Reveals Speed Limit For Electronics

Now scientists know how fast electronics could theoretically become. While computers and smartphones are getting faster, there are many limitations to how fast they can be – this is due to the properties of the materials as well as the laws of physics themselves. To investigate the latter, a team from TU Wien (Vienna), TU … Read more

Scientists calculate absolute quantum speed limit for electronics

It often seems that electronics will constantly get faster, but at some point the laws of physics intervene to stop this. Now scientists have calculated the maximum speed – the point at which quantum mechanics does not allow microchips to grow faster. It is well known that nothing moves faster than light, and this is … Read more

Quantum physics sets a speed limit to electronics — ScienceDaily

Semiconductor electronics are getting faster and faster – but at some point physics no longer allows for any magnification. The velocity cannot exactly be increased by more than one petahertz (one million gigahertz), even if the material is optimally excited by laser pulses. How fast can electronics be? When computer chips operate with shorter and … Read more

Quantum physics sets a speed limit to electronics

An ultrashort laser pulse (blue) creates free charge carriers, another pulse (red) accelerates them in opposite directions. Credit: TU Wien How fast can electronics be? When computer chips operate with shorter and shorter signals and time intervals, at some point they face physical limitations. Quantum-mechanical processes that allow you to generate electric current in a … Read more

Missouri legislature must end push for education bills that limit instruction | Guest Commentaries

The Missouri Legislature and the House Education Committee are currently considering several bills that would limit the content and curriculum that teachers can teach, use, and access in schools. These bills include HB 1474 and HB 1995 – both of which concern the Parents’ Bill – and HB 2428, which allow families to file private … Read more

Jack Nowell calls for rugby to adopt technology to limit concussions

Jack Knowell calls for the adoption of rugby technology to limit concussions, as the decision to continue after head injuries must be made “out of our hands” Jack Knowell played on before being filmed at the HIA against Italy Thomas Francis played against the England national team with signs of concussion Knowell believes that the … Read more

Rugby Test nations urged to bring in technology to limit concussions

Rugby tests call for technology to limit concussions after Welsh props Thomas Francis was controversially allowed to play after a brutal head-on collision in a six-nation clash against England Thomas Francis returned to the field despite being stunned after the collision The Progressive Rugby Welfare Group has criticized the Welsh staff’s decision The Welsh medical … Read more

US sanctions against Russia will limit its access to technology from overseas

The U.S. government has imposed tough export restrictions against Russia, aimed at sharply restricting its access to low- and high-tech goods from abroad. As the first reported ReutersThe Ministry of Trade has published a list of expanded licensing policies and requirements that are being implemented in response to Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine. Under the … Read more

New Castle County Council rejects push to limit technology usage during meetings | The Latest from WDEL News

The New Castle County Council has rejected a proposal to restrict the use of technology during legislative meetings. A resolution written by board member Penrose Hollins would ban the use of communication devices such as cell phones, with the exception of a virtual connection to a meeting or access to the agenda and other meeting … Read more

The CFPB is Attempting to Limit Innovation and Consumer Choice

Across the U.S., thousands of banks, credit unions and tech companies are vying for business and consumer confidence. American consumers will benefit from a highly competitive market when it comes to choosing banking services that meet their needs, and have the right to make informed decisions about how much they should pay for a checking … Read more