Ghana approves tax on electronic payments despite opposition protest

ACCRA, March 29 (Reuters) – The Ghanaian parliament on Tuesday approved a new 1.5% tax on electronic payments, known as “electronic collection”, after the opposition left in protest. Finance Minister Ken Ofory-Ata proposed an electronic levy in November to expand the tax network and presented it as a panacea for Ghana’s financial woes. The opposition … Read more

Is innovation washing the new ‘greenwashing’ for law firms?

Most people know about the concept of “green cleaning”, but for those who don’t know, it is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as “behavior or actions that make people believe that the company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is” . But have you heard of the “Innovative Car Wash”? Similar … Read more

America COMPETES Act V. US Innovation And Competition Act—Summary Of Key Differences And Takeaways – Part 2 – Anti-trust/Competition Law

United States: America Competes Act V. U.S. Innovation and Competition Act – Summary of Key Differences and Conclusions – Part 2 March 14, 2022 on Josh Teitelbaum, Stephen Ho, Brendan M. Dan, Ed Pagan, James Tucker Jr., Casey S. Higgins, Clit R. Willems, Brian A. Pomper, Susan Lent, Ryan Thompson, Joseph G. … Read more

Bolstered special education camera law passes W.Va. House

Charleston, Virginia (WSAZ) – The abuse of Canave County students and the insistence of his parents led to a unanimous vote Thursday when lawmakers tightened the law on cameras for special classes. The cameras have been in special education classes since 2019, but an abuse report was required to watch the video. Legislation introduced Thursday, … Read more

New Blog Answers Questions That Arise When Law And Technology Intersect – Intellectual Property

United States: The new blog answers questions that arise when law and technology intersect March 9, 2022 Holland and the Knight To print this article, all you need is to register or log in to “How does it work?” The question motivates engineers to explore the world and use … Read more

Wisconsin Technology Council: State Senate joins Assembly in unanimous support for improving Wisconsin’s investor tax credit law

Madison, Wisconsin – On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Senate 33-0 voted to pass Assembly Bill 759, which will make it easier for young companies to stay in Wisconsin as they grow and create jobs by expanding beyond. Efforts to pass the bill were led by the Wisconsin Technology Council. Earlier it was unanimously adopted at the … Read more

Four Important Technology Trends for Law Firms in 2022 | U.S. Legal Support

It is easy to say (two years after the pandemic) that COVID-19 has forever changed the profession of lawyer. Following the massive transition in 2020 and 2021 to telecommuting and litigation using many remote technologies, many legal professionals may be wondering what lies ahead in terms of technology. After such a drastic shift, are there … Read more

Information And Communications Technology And Services Supply Chain Developments – International Law

On November 26, 2021, the U.S. Department of Commerce (“Trade”) issued a proposed rule that extended the previous rule, which implements the provisions of Order 13873 on the Security of Information and Communication Technologies and Services (ICTS). As explained below, this rule complements previous rules and forces companies that manufacture, develop, or assemble products outside … Read more

Technology law needs to be updated to protect Illinoisans

Rising crime rates, which threaten both our security and Illinois’ reputation around the world, are at the top of the list. As always, the judicious use of technology can give us part of the solution – but only if state lawmakers allow it. The key to the solution is the rapid use of biometrics in … Read more

Anti-hazing bill ‘Sam’s Law’ passes WA Legislature, makes education, transparency required on college campuses

The anti-hazing bill, which was proposed in part in response to the death of a Washington State University student, passed in the House and Senate of the Washington State Legislature and is likely to be sent to the governor’s desk for his signature. The House of Representatives bill of 1751, which is now being amended … Read more