Electronic sign debate grows heated in Thomaston – Knox County VillageSoup

THOMASTON – Electoral Council Chairman Diane Guise did not find support for her idea of ​​a digital municipal sign at the council’s election meeting on Monday, March 28th. Giza had been proposing such a sign for more than a year, and the item was on the agenda of several council meetings. The digital municipal sign … Read more

Courier Gazette education briefs – Knox County VillageSoup

The University of Southern Maine announces a list of deans for fall 2021 To be included in the dean’s list, full-time students – those who have completed 12 credit hours or more, with a minimum of 12 letter (AF) credits, excluding the required credits relevant to the program – must receive a GPA of 3.6 … Read more

Knox County Board of Education Members respond after ethics complaint

Several parents have complained about ethics to board chairman Christy Christy, board members Betsy Henderson and Susan Horn. Knoxville, Tenn. – Members of the Knox County Board of Education Christy Christy and Betsy Henderson said they did not violate any ethical rules and did not violate the law when attending a meeting of the Knox … Read more

How will the Knox County Board of Education vote on next superintendent

Knoxville, Tenne (UET) – The Knox County Board of Education will vote for the next head on Tuesday night. The council has different ways of voting on certain topics, but for the first time in recent times, they are considering voting on ballots. However, the final decision on how they will vote will be made … Read more

Maine Education Commissioner Makin visits Mid-Coast School of Technology – Knox County VillageSoup

ROCKLAND – In honor of the Month of Career and Technical Education (CTE), Maine Education Commissioner Pender Makin visited the Mid-Coast School of Technology to highlight the importance of careers and technical education in providing high-quality career paths, highlighting a wide range of programmatic offers for students and celebrate the powerful teaching and learning in … Read more

Education briefs – Knox County VillageSoup

Ithaca, New York – A student of Ithaca College, Tatum Daoud of Camden, has been named dean for the fall semester of 2021. South Portland – The following local students have been included in the Desert Fall Semester Desert List of 2021: Tristan Harrison-Bilyat of Appleton; Jesse Bifulco and Tanner Castellana of Camden; Reina Williams … Read more