Design Tweak Helps Prevent Malfunction in Yarns That Store Energy

In a new study, scientists from the University of North Carolina have found a way to prevent electrical faults in filaments designed to store electricity. Ultimately, the findings could help advance the development of “smart textiles” that will capture energy from user movements, power sensors and wearable electronics. The researchers told npj Flexible Electronics that … Read more

Innovation programme helps SMEs profit while helping to sustain the planet

Covers sustainability Mr. Theme’s journey with SIP began with a more detailed study of best practices in sustainable development, followed by an analysis of his specific requirements for the Cleanz Trust. Once this was done, The FinLab helped identify and link Mr. Theme with Greentech’s solution partners that best fit his needs. Greentech’s solution partners … Read more

Experts say innovation helps stabilize economy

The discourse emphasizes the high quality of development, production, SMEs China is committed to pursuing innovation-driven growth and accelerating industry modernization this year amid many pressures and uncertainties as quality development remains key to China’s future, officials and experts said on Friday. They also noted that improving the quality and efficiency of development is the … Read more

EarlyBirds Open Innovation Ecosystem Helps Startups and

Ford, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – EarlyBirds Open Innovation System invites innovators – startups, large and even established organizations to find their business profiles on the EarlyBirds platform, link them to other business profiles and add products, solutions (or “Innovation”) and services so that other organizations can understand what they are doing and contact … Read more

How Foursquare helps enterprises drive positive results with geospatial technology

Join today’s top executives online at the Live Data Summit! See here. As more and more businesses seek to focus on the customer at a detailed level, the focus on data, particularly location information, is growing. Companies like Uber and DoorDash are already using location to provide seamless service to their customers in major markets. … Read more

New Technology Helps Companies Track Clean Energy Use

(TNS) – Constellation Energy of Baltimore has joined forces with Microsoft to create technology that will help large commercial customers achieve clean energy goals. The technology will allow commercial customers and others to meet their energy needs with clean local energy. The technology will operate 24 hours a day to meet the customer’s electricity needs … Read more

Electronic pneumonia decision support helps reduce mortality by 38 percent in community hospitals — ScienceDaily

An electronic real-time decision support system has helped clinicians in public hospitals provide best practice to emergency department patients with pneumonia, leading to reduced admission to the intensive care unit, more appropriate use of antibiotics and a 38% lower study. conducted by researchers. at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City. The results of the study … Read more

New Marion High program helps special education students succeed after high school

Students develop skills of readiness in the workplace, learn to defend themselves and find a suitable path after high school Marion High School in Marion. (photo from Marion School District website) MARION – Marion High School students who are eligible for special education services will soon have access to services that will help them after … Read more

Investing in school sports, health education helps us all; Virginia student wants to know more about Maine

Investments in school sports, health education help all of us Congratulations to all the basketball players, parents and high school staff who made this tournament so spectacular! For me as a Nokomis graduate, it has been an exciting season, but more important than the trophy is how it has brought communities together, especially after the … Read more

Senior Technology Training Program helps older adults in Greensboro get comfortable with technology

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – The technology at hand is changing faster than ever. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, especially in a pandemic, from making an appointment to the doctor to paying the bills. This makes daily tasks a challenge for some seniors. A group of 15 seniors completed the first-ever senior technology training program … Read more