Electronic sign debate grows heated in Thomaston – Knox County VillageSoup

THOMASTON – Electoral Council Chairman Diane Guise did not find support for her idea of ​​a digital municipal sign at the council’s election meeting on Monday, March 28th. Giza had been proposing such a sign for more than a year, and the item was on the agenda of several council meetings. The digital municipal sign … Read more

The heated debate over teacher rights and innovation in Denver

A broad proposal that would strengthen the protection of teachers ’work, standardize school calendars and even ban hard work would divide Denver’s teachers, principals and parents. The changes, developed by two school board members, will reduce autonomy for at least a quarter of Denver schools and strengthen the board’s control over how schools operate. If … Read more

DeSantis accuses reporter of peddling ‘false narrative’ on education bill in heated press conference clash

NEWNow you can listen to Fox News articles! Gov. Ron DeSantis, of the Republic of Florida, was confronted by a local reporter who asked him about education legislation, which liberal critics and the media broadly describe as the “Don’t Tell Gays” bill. The education reform bill proposed by Florida Republicans has garnered nationwide attention and … Read more