Electronic sign debate grows heated in Thomaston – Knox County VillageSoup

THOMASTON – Electoral Council Chairman Diane Guise did not find support for her idea of ​​a digital municipal sign at the council’s election meeting on Monday, March 28th. Giza had been proposing such a sign for more than a year, and the item was on the agenda of several council meetings. The digital municipal sign … Read more

Entrepreneur grows electronics business to 16 stores within a decade

Charles Antvi-Boahen, founder and CEO of Kab-Fam Ghana. Kab-Fam Ghana specializes in the retail of electronics and home appliances. The company is currently working on opening its 16th store in order to increase its market share to at least 50%. Maurine Ihua-Madoueni asked founder and CEO Charles Antvi-Boahen about how he built the business and … Read more

Food innovation hub KitchenTown grows impact-driven Bay Area startups

Novice screenwriters, listen. KitchenTown San Mateo would be an amazing HBO series. In the halls of this 20,000-square-foot campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, scientists and food strategists are helping to develop a new generation of innovative food startups. Nutrition for the brains of infants. Protein made from air. Mediterranean robot for making grain … Read more

Women’s interest in crypto grows, but education gap persists: Study

Although women investors are increasingly interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, there is still a significant gap in knowledge when it comes to these topics, a new study shows. BlockFi noted that on January 28, 2022, the study was conducted by a third-party survey group and included 1,031 American women aged 18 to 65 years. … Read more