The Royal Mint to build plant that will extract gold from e-waste

Smith / Godot Collection Archive photos Getty Images LONDON – The Royal Mint of Britain plans to build a facility that will extract gold from electronic waste, and the plant will be fully launched in 2023. In a statement Monday, the state-owned company, which makes precious metals and coins, said it would use what it … Read more

Whitehouse, Tillis Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Address E-Waste National Security Threat, Grow Domestic Recycling Industry

March 17, 22 Export of electronic waste kills foreign landfills and provides raw materials for counterfeit foreign products Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Tom Tillis (R-NC) reintroduced bipartisan legislation to stop the flow of e-waste to China and other countries that counterfeit American technology. The Safe Export and Recycling of … Read more

E-WASTE EFFICIENCY: Options available to recycle old electronics | Local News

The rise of American consumption has forced the country to stock up on old computers, TVs, phones and other gadgets that needed to be thrown away and replaced when companies launch new products. Instead of throwing used electronics in the trash, people can recycle or resell it to help reduce pollution and prevent harmful materials … Read more

E-Waste Pick-Up Service & Data Destruction from East Coast Electronics Recycling: The Responsible Recycler

ROCKY HILL, CT / ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2022 / East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc.) is a leading electronic and computer recycling company serving Washington, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. With services ranging from activities to e-waste containers, they offer options for … Read more

Global Electronic Waste Recycling Market and E-waste Management Market 2022- New Technologies, Research and Developments, Growth Strategies, Revenue Generation, Forecast By 2028

Experienced market information The study of the global e-waste recycling market also provides a separate analysis of revenues and statistics for the past period and time frames of forecast periods. The study also offers a close and thorough analysis to understand consumer growth, the business climate, major industry players and major manufacturing players. Predictions regarding … Read more

E-Waste Recycling Containers Available for Delivery from East Coast Electronics Recycling

BEDFORD, NH / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2022 / Do you have piles of old electronics that take up space in your office or warehouse? East Coast Electronics Recycling (ECER Inc.) can help! We offer a variety of recycling services, such as computer recycling, to make the process easy and convenient for you. Electronic waste … Read more

Old Electronics? Here’s Where To Recycle Your E-Waste In/Around Bushwick : Bushwick Daily

Our old and broken electronics and home appliances should not be dusted in a closet or thrown in a landfill – it can contaminate groundwater and is illegal. Recycling, reprofiling and donation offer a safer and environmentally conscious method of caring for our e-waste, commonly known as “e-waste”. Electronic waste includes, but is not limited … Read more