Electronic sign debate grows heated in Thomaston – Knox County VillageSoup

THOMASTON – Electoral Council Chairman Diane Guise did not find support for her idea of ​​a digital municipal sign at the council’s election meeting on Monday, March 28th. Giza had been proposing such a sign for more than a year, and the item was on the agenda of several council meetings. The digital municipal sign … Read more

Pennsylvania students reflect on school funding debate as high-profile trial concludes

Today marks the end of a landmark trial over how Pennsylvania finances its public schools. For several months, lawyers exchanged high-level objections, motions, and arguments. But how have students heard people discuss what education they are eligible for? Victoria Monroe graduated from Penn Wood High School in Delaware County last spring and watched the trial. … Read more

The heated debate over teacher rights and innovation in Denver

A broad proposal that would strengthen the protection of teachers ’work, standardize school calendars and even ban hard work would divide Denver’s teachers, principals and parents. The changes, developed by two school board members, will reduce autonomy for at least a quarter of Denver schools and strengthen the board’s control over how schools operate. If … Read more

Education policy sparks major MN Senate debate

The new bill, introduced in the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate, is causing much debate in the hall about the transparency of school curricula – some Democrats say the legislation aims to ban the teaching of diversity and racism. “It’s a simple bill that addresses curriculum transparency,” said Sen. Paul Gazelko of R-East Gull Lake, author of … Read more

The debate over student use of technology in classrooms – The Lafayette

From submitting documents online to watching videos for homework, technology has become an integral part of education at every level. But for some Lafayette professors, the question remains: do technologies belong in the classroom? Professor of Religious Studies Yushao Patel stressed the temptation of students to seek other information while using the device in class. … Read more

The Day – Groton Board of Education officially suspends mask policy after debate at meeting

Groton – The Board of Education has officially voted to suspend the school district’s mask policy after a debate between parents and school board members. Superintendent Susan Austin informed families and staff that the school district is moving to mask selection starting Monday, but the board held a formal vote at a board meeting Monday … Read more

House set to debate bills on cyber education, President’s Cup and TikTok

Alejandra N. Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, speaks during a ceremony in New York on September 17, 2021. The House National Security Committee will discuss a number of cyber bills this week, including DHS codification legislation. competition for cybersecurity and officially ban TikTok on departmental devices. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago / … Read more

IN Focus: Lawmakers debate controversial education, permitless carry bills as end of session nears

INDIANOPOLIS – As the 2022 legislative session approaches rapidly, Indiana lawmakers are still debating the fate of several controversial bills, trying to find a way for others. Senators recently heard several hours of testimony on House Bill 1077, which initially completely revoked gun permits. It received mixed reactions from the Senate Judiciary Committee and was … Read more

St. Landry Parish multimillion dollar education plan under debate

Community leaders, pastors and officials in St. Landry Parish gathered for breakfast and explained the details of a multimillion-dollar master plan for which the school system wants voters to approve new taxes. The plan will bring major improvements to parish schools, officials say. And there are those who fully support the master plan, while others … Read more

Budget report on Pennsylvania Education Department causes tension, wades into statewide debate

In today’s episode of The Confluence: the state’s independent fiscal service wrote in a report on public education funding that states that there is “little or no correlation” between funding and student test scores in one year, but some lawmakers insist against that conclusion; researcher Pete asked local relatives and adoptive parents about how the … Read more