Global Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Market 2022 Covid 19 Impact on Top countries data

Global Market Research explores the performance of the Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) market in 2022. It contains an in-depth analysis of the state of the flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) market and competition in the world. The Global Hybrid Electronics Market (FHE) can be obtained through market details such as growth factors, recent developments, flexible market … Read more

War, Covid curbs give auto, electronics companies double blow

The closure of airspace and sea lanes due to the Russia-Ukraine war and congestion in Chinese ports amid Covid’s blockades deal a double blow to India’s automakers and electronics assemblers. While the situation has exacerbated an already crippled supply chain, it has also raised freight rates, which now threaten to boost their costs. Currently, freight … Read more

‘India’s COVID management is a story of leadership, innovation & dedication’, says the world

Managing COVID in India is a great success story that has been a torchbearer for the rest of the world. Jan Andolan and Jan Bhagidari were key pillars, and leadership, innovation, dedication, partnership, sharing and the use of technology were crucial in the process. The administration of more than 181 doses of Crore vaccine has … Read more

China COVID Outbreak Shuts Manufacturing Plants

The recent massive outbreak of COVID-19 cases in China has led to the closure of major manufacturing hubs crucial to the electronics industry, further holding back the global electronics supply chain, most likely relief will not be forthcoming any time soon. Omicron’s rapidly expanding BA.2 option has forced the Chinese government to introduce a complete … Read more

Public Education Department updates COVID tool kit, allows districts to set mask policies

The Department of Public Education is updating the COVID toolkit, allowing districts to set mask policies Updated: 12:54 PM MST March 11, 2022 The New Mexico Department of Public Education has updated its set of tools to combat COVID-19 to allow districts and charter schools to establish their own camouflage policies and allow over-the-counter tests … Read more

What about the boys? Addressing educational underachievement of boys and men during and beyond the COVID pandemic

A new World Bank report examines shortcomings in the education of boys and men. High-income countries know this all too well: regardless of class or subject, boys do less in school than girls, and men become less represented in higher education. This is a phenomenon that has been recognized in the literature of many high-income … Read more

Appleton’s Building for Kids promoting education around COVID vaccine

APPLETON – The Building for Kids in downtown Appleton is using its position of trust families – and thousands of dollars in state and federal grants – to increase vaccination against COVID-19 among children, which is much lower than adults in Fox Valley. The museum is ideal for these efforts because its main audience is … Read more

COVID presents challenge and opportunity for medical electronics

The market for medical and medical goods continues to accelerate. There is still a high demand for ventilators and other patient-related systems. The drive to streamline treatment to optimize the valuable time of healthcare professionals increases the demands on tools of all kinds. The markets for telemedicine and eHealth are also expanding rapidly as healthcare … Read more

COVID consequences: Education leaders advise caution as state school assessment data released | News

Standardized test scores for Commonwealth schools come with caution regarding translations from state and local education leaders on Friday. Representatives at both levels noted that the COVID-19 pandemic distorted the results of both the Keystone exams and the school assessment system in Pennsylvania. In the 2020-21 school year, schools across the Commonwealth may conduct tests … Read more

State Board of Education testimony on COVID recovery data collection

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, the director of the Education Policy Initiative Chelsea Coffin testified before the District Board of Education of the District of Columbia about the importance of collecting data that can help track the recovery of the education system after the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read her testimony below or download a … Read more