US Navy sends ‘electronic attack’ jets to Germany: Here’s how they work.

The United States has deployed six “electronic attack aircraft” in northern Europe, increasing its military forces in the region since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They are designed to overcome enemy air defenses by damaging the radar systems on which they often depend, giving friendly aircraft a substantial combat advantage. Six fighters – EA-18G Growlers – … Read more

Navy electronic attack aircraft heading to Germany amid Ukraine war

With thousands of troops deployed to Europe in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the navy is increasing its assets in the region. The Department of Defense announced Monday that six EA-18G Growlers with 240 crews and technical staff will head to Spangdahl, Germany, with 14,000 troops, which the U.S. has pledged to reassure NATO. … Read more

IBCS passes two flight tests, including under electronic attack – Breaking Defense Breaking Defense

The Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile from the Cost Reduction Initiative (CRI) was launched during the recent successful Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) flight tests at the White Sands missile range. (Darrell Ames / US Army) WASHINGTON: The U.S. Army’s Comprehensive Combat Command System has successfully defeated missiles coming in during two separate flight tests … Read more

Preparing for a technology supply-chain attack

A year ago, the SolarWinds attack brought attacks on software supply chains to the forefront of news. Now there are new incidents every week. What’s worse, businesses and government agencies are repelling attacks from both traditional cybercriminals and nation-states that have large budgets and a lot of resources, making their campaigns hard to stop. Any … Read more

EDUCATION FRONTLINES: When legislators attack professions

John Richard Shrock“/>John Richard Shrock John Richard Shrock In the last few weeks, teachers across the country have again been ordered to postpone lessons and start teaching at state assessments. This intervention in the professionalism of teachers has lasted for more than two decades, accelerated by No Child Left Behind and survives under the responsibility … Read more

FritzFrog botnet returns to attack healthcare, education, government sectors

The FritzFrog botnet reappeared with a new P2P company, showing a 10-fold increase in just one month. FritzFrog is a peer-to-peer botnet discovered in January 2020. In eight months, the botnet managed to kill at least 500 government and corporate SSH servers. The P2P botnet, written in the Golang programming language, is decentralized and will … Read more