Scientific measurement won’t answer all questions in education. We need teacher and student voices, too

A recently published review report on primary teacher education recommends that universities use randomized controlled research (RCT) to find evidence of effective teacher education methods. It says: Randomized controlled research (RCT), the gold standard in empirical research, is rarely used in assessing the impact of primary teacher education (ITE) programs. Higher education providers are encouraged … Read more

How women could be the answer to Australia’s international education crisis

The future of Australia’s international education sector is on the drawing board. In the midst of the COVID-19 surge in Australia, the federal government has published the Australian Strategy for International Education for 2021-2030. It paints a future for a sector built around increasing diversification and an emphasis on student support and well-being. A look … Read more

We believe early childhood education is the answer

One of the biggest challenges of our country (and Idaho) is addressing the chronically low level of reading readiness among our children. What can we do to resolve this dilemma? We believe that preschool education is the answer. Implementing a pilot program that provides quality preschools in Idaho’s primary schools with the lowest reading readiness … Read more

Technology is the answer to bridge the educational digital divide

Join the top executives today online at the March 9 data summit. Register here. This article was published by Mitrancourt (Mit) Majumdar, Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Services at Infosys. Free public education is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, but the pandemic has shown that without fair access … Read more

‘Grow Your Own’ one BISD answer for special education teachers

Nolan Kapkowski is a special education teacher at the high school branch that works at Ryan Elementary School in Bronson. Teaching was not Kapkowski’s lifelong dream and was not even on the radar of his career until he worked as a parapro at the Waldron Center with Darcy Trumbauer. Her teaching methods pulled him on … Read more