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Why the ‘Purdue MBA’ has lost its luster in online recruiting

With less than three months until the end of the NCAA tournament, a handful of schools have found their online recruiting rankings trending in the wrong direction.

While Purdue’s online recruiting ranks have remained stagnant since its March 2016 opening, that trend has now accelerated.

In fact, Purdue is now ranked 31st out of 35 schools in online rankings by recruiting website Rivals.com, which ranks the best-performing online programs according to the quality of the recruits.

In other words, the recruiting rankings at Purdue have not kept pace with the quality and efficiency of the school.

The program has had a tough time getting recruited over the last few years, and the online recruiting landscape has been a major factor.

While online recruiting has been trending upward over the past few years and has helped to bring Purdue online recruits, it hasn’t kept pace.

According to recruiting analyst Matt Henningsen, the problem at Purdue has been in its recruiting efforts.

“I think a lot of this is a product of the recruiting environment,” Henniesen said.

“They have really had to go through a number of changes over the years and I think they have not been as effective as they could be.”

This is the second time Purdue has had to deal with a national ranking that’s below Purdue and it has been pretty much the same for a number a years.

The problem is Purdue has a pretty good reputation for recruiting, but they’ve also had some issues with recruiting over the previous few years.

“The most recent trend Purdue has seen is that of the online rankings.

Hennysen believes Purdue’s rankings have actually decreased as a result of online recruiting.”

The online recruiting environment has been really stagnant,” Henny said.”

For a while they’ve had a good reputation, but now Purdue has become a pretty terrible place to recruit.

“Hennieson said it is important to note that Purdue’s recruiting rankings have not increased, and that recruiting is still largely dependent on local recruiting and other factors.”

In the recruiting space, if the recruiting climate is really good, recruiting is good,” Hennis said.

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