Irish high school graduates top mbar rankings

Jul 18, 2021 News

Top Irish high schools in the 2018 Mbar Awards Top Irish schools in our 2018 MBar rankings and some highlights from the 2018 rankings: * Kilkenny High School: 8,939 students* * Ballymurphy: 6,624 students** * Loughton High: 6 (1st place) * Rossport: 6 * Dublin City College: 5 * Louth: 5 (1, second place) The 2018 Mbars are based on student results and are based in Dublin city.

They take account of a student’s achievement and test results.

We are looking for a team of highly motivated, talented and committed young people.

Our criteria for the 2018 awards are: * Student’s achievements and test scores are recognised by the MBar, while they are also the basis for student performance in the school year.

* Students are assessed on their potential for growth, including achievement in the learning environment, with a focus on the wellbeing of the student, family and community.

* The school year includes both academic and vocational programmes, and students have a chance to take part in local and national and international volunteering opportunities.

* A team of experienced teachers and support staff will support students in their learning and learning outcomes.

* There is no specific assessment requirement for the Mbar awards.

The students who win Mbar top awards will be recognised by both the MAs and by the national award, the Young Educator Award.

* We are open to all students in our schools who are pursuing higher education.

All of our awards are based around a student being judged on their individual achievements.

We welcome applications from students of all ages, backgrounds, and achievement levels.

* You can apply online or via the Mba website at: We are also accepting applications for our national awards.

We will consider all applications for both the 2018 and 2019 awards.

For more information, please contact the Mabs website:

We look forward to hearing from you.

*The MBar is based in the capital of Ireland, Dublin City, with an extensive network of community and voluntary partners across the region.

MBar awards are administered by the National Council for Educational Research and Education, an independent agency of the Government of Ireland.

Find out more about the Mbars award.

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