Allied Electronics & Automation Offers Banner Engineering’s Innovative Snap Signal IIoT Solutions, Including the new DXMR90 Industrial Controller

Allied Electronics & Automation now offers The Snap Signal portfolio from Banner Engineering is from brand-independent IIoT modular solutions, including the new industrial Snap Signal DXMR90 controller. Solutions Banner’s Snap Signal are designed to use machine data from automation islands scattered across the factory floor, converting various data signals from status monitoring and process monitoring solutions into a single protocol and transmitting this insightful diagnostic data to a dedicated PLC or SCADA control system for local processing, or local processing used to monitor the state of equipment in the cloud. Snap Signal solutions can also function as an overlay network, allowing users to connect to legacy sensors via a splitter, retrieve data without upgrading hardware or breaking existing controls and transmit that data to any upstream system to visualize data and improve equipment and processes. The line currently offers IIoT solutions including built-in converters, adapters and filters and new Snap Signal DXMR90 industrial controller.

New industrial controller Snap Signal DXMR90 from Banner there is is a central component of the Snap Signal device monitoring system and is therefore designed to be compatible with a wide range of serial devices. Tits configurable controller has a rugged housing optimized for space and weight saving, sealing IP67 / IP68 to eliminate the need for a control cabinet and four special Modbus ports that maintain simultaneous communication with four independent networks for faster response time. It also has a processor that receives signals from sensors and other connected devices, combines disparate signals into a single stream and transmits this valid data to a local processing center or cloud system via a standard Industrial Ethernet protocol. And its internal logic controller uses simple rules of action to program, register and manipulate data. Currently, the DXMR90 is only the IIoT device with five configured Modbus RTU masters in one case. Ideal applications for the DXMR90 include condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, analysis and tracking of overall equipment performance (OEE), lean manufacturing, data collection and performance metrics, diagnostics and troubleshooting, and edge processing.

“In today’s marketplace, virtually every customer has an IIoT initiative aimed at making data based on the plant, and most already have equipment that generates and processes data for local consumption; they are simply unable to combine the various data signals of the machines and easily and economically transfer that data to the cloud. Our innovative Snap Signal product portfolio is based on a standard M12 connection and can get your data where you want, no matter what PLCs you use to control your machines, what types of signals they generate, what types of IO you use or what SCADA or the cloud platform you use want to use, ”said Luke Carnas, director of global business development at Banner Engineering. “Snap Signal solutions allow you to add intelligence to your hardware and retrieve information from an existing IO without coding into a PLC and potentially violating existing controls. They can also enrich data such as discrete signals to give you information such as number and speed, rather than just indicating the presence or absence of a widget on your line. In addition, these destructive IIoT solutions are extremely flexible. Snap Signal solutions support the implementation of IO à la carte, allowing both the right size systems and fast, easy and cost-effective expansion. ”

Banner’s new Snap Signal DXMR90 industrial controller is designed for 12-30 V DC and operating temperatures from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C with a maximum relative humidity without condensation of 90% and currently available at Allied Electronics & Automation. Available accessories are also available in Allied brackets,four-pin shielded E12net M12 cords with D-code RJ45, double-ended, four-ended, with M12 cords and single-ended, five-pin M12 threaded cords. For more information on Banner’s Snap Signal portfolio modular IIoT solutions that are independent of brands, visit Landing page Banner’s Snap Signal and DXMR90 product page or contact Allied Technical Support Group. For more information on other Banner Engineering products sold by Allied, visit Manufacturer’s page Banner Engineering Allied.

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