Yext Named a WordPress VIP Featured Technology Partner, Releases New WordPress AI Search Plugin

As experts in enterprise WordPress, WordPress VIP provides a fully managed WordPress cloud platform for unprecedented scale, security, performance and flexibility, as well as end-to-end instructions and hands-on support. Key criteria for technology partners include a clear product experience and innovative market entry strategies. VIP checks each partner to identify companies with proven experience integrating cutting-edge marketing technologies that are enterprise-wide.

If Yext joins the unique program, WordPress VIP corporate customers – such as Capgemini, Facebook, Merck and News Corp, as well as others – will find it easier than ever to populate their WordPress-based websites with the innovative AI search engine. from Yext. Yext differs from other search providers in that, instead of relying on outdated keyword search technology, it uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to understand – and directly answer – even the most complex questions asked in a search bar.

Aside from joining the WordPress VIP program, Yext is reliable new plugin allow businesses to simply drag this type of AI-based search to their WordPress websites. The plugin builds on the original WordPress plugin from Yext with a frameless code and an adaptation wizard that guides users through the setup, making it more user-friendly for business users without technical knowledge.

“WordPress VIP is experiencing significant growth, and we are delivering transformational results for brands that need best-in-class digital experience,” said WordPress VIP CEO Nick Hernert. “We are excited to welcome new partners such as Yext, along with our existing community, to add best-in-class search capabilities to the most demanding enterprise WordPress implementations.”

“With more than 40% of web pages built on WordPress, businesses have plenty of opportunities to provide an even more exceptional digital experience on their WordPress websites with state-of-the-art AI search,” he said. Ananda Sen., senior vice president of food partnerships at Yext. “Joining the WordPress VIP Technology Partnership means that Yext can help businesses take advantage of this opportunity – and increase the conversion, satisfaction and understanding that come with it.”

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About Yext
Next (NYSE: YEXT) is an AI search company and is engaged in the mission of transforming an enterprise through AI search.

With the explosion of information and data on the internet the search has never been more important. However, while innovation has emerged in the world of consumer search over time, corporate search has not. In fact, most corporate searches are driven by outdated keyword search technology, which only scans keywords and provides a list of hyperlinks rather than answering questions.

Yext, the AI ​​search engine company, offers a modern artificial intelligence-based answering platform that understands natural language, so that when people ask questions about online business, they get direct answers, not links.

Brands such as Verizon, Vanguard, Subway and Marriott, as well as organizations such as the US State Department and the World Health Organization, trust Yext to radically improve its business by finding AI-based answers.

About WordPress VIP
WordPress VIP is a leading provider of corporate WordPress. The VIP platform provides digital marketing and enterprise-level publishing platforms with WordPress at the core. VIP supports flagship digital marketing platforms for some of the most well-known brands, including Capgemini, Hachette Book Group and Facebook. Our digital publishing clients cover the media landscape, from targeted publications such as Quartz, TechCrunch and FiveThirtyEight, to some of the world’s largest publishers and sites such as News Corp, Rolling Stone and Abril.

Thanks to its unprecedented power, flexibility and compatibility WordPress is the best digital solution on a scale. Together with expert VIP support, best-in-class infrastructure and an exceptional partner network, this is an unrivaled combination.

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