TracFones with 3G technology shut down; new phones required

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have had the same phone for at least 15 years. This is the 3G TracFone, to which I added 200 minutes on February 1 at Walmart.

I received two calls to this TracFone with the same message that on February 22nd my TracFone will no longer work and will be available to me.

The man who sold me the minutes at Walmart had not heard of it and stated that no cancellation was known to him. Neither did his colleague. Is this a scam or true?

The person who called my TracFone gave me a number to call back, and when I did, the message said, “The phone number you dialed is not working.” I have tried many times. Please help. “Alice, Bowdoin.”

ANSWER: You reasonably questioned this message, but yes, you need to update your phone. The people who took care of you at Walmart should have known this and made sure that the messages you received regarding the update were not fraud.

On February 21, I spoke with a customer service representative at Walmart Electronics in Brunswick, and she warned that they had run out of TracFones and didn’t know when they would come again because many customers would have to make changes. You can check out other Walmart and Target locations. You can also order directly from However, most models are not available.

It is best to contact TracFone Customer Support from 8 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. at 1-800-867-7183. Use ext. 4 or ext. 6, and you will be able to talk to a support representative. Tell the representative that you need to replace the phone, and ask if you can order it to be shipped. Also ask to transfer the minutes you just bought.

Since your Tracfone won’t work until you read this, call a landline to get answers to your questions.

This all happened because most likely you have a 3G phone and this system is shutting down. You should have at least a 4G phone, but 5G would be even better. If you want more information, this is a good article to read:

I hope you get back to working with your new shiny phone sooner rather than later.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a cleaning lady to work in my house every two weeks. My phone number in the sunspots from February 21 was wrong. It should be 713-2175. “Jackie, Lewiston.”

ANSWER: I’m glad you understood, and I’m posting your request again. Readers, be sure to double-check your information before clicking submit!

Sometimes we also make a mistake, so please let me know right away and we will fix it.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Jax Guay of Auburn Amvet / American Legion picks up bottles for recycling to benefit women veterinarians in need. Jax can be contacted at 210-248-6875. Our veterans can take advantage of any assistance. – No name, no city

ANSWER: This is in response to a February 17 request regarding the collection of recycled cans and bottles for nonprofits. Good to know!

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