SEMCAP Launches Education Sector Investment Strategy, Announces Exclusive Partnership With Arizona State University’s Enterprise Partners

PHILADELPHIA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Seminal Capital Holdings, LLC (“SEMCAP”) announces the creation SEMCAP Education and a strategic exclusive partnership with ASU Enterprise Partners, a private nonprofit that creates solutions and generates resources to expand ASU’s reach and promote its charter. The two organizations will collaborate on private investment in educational and educational technology companies with strong university use options.

SEMCAP is an investment impact manager founded by Buck Buckley and Cyrus Wanderevala. “Investing in education and skills training is a proven way to improve social outcomes such as consumer health, well-being, life expectancy and overall happiness. SEMCAP Education already supports world-class companies such as Noodle Partners and McGraw Hill. We are very excited to invest in the major trends driving the sector, and the partnership with ASU EP strengthens both organizations, ”says Buckley.

“Partnerships with experienced capital distributors such as SEMCAP Education allows Edtech to take advantage of the opportunities to grow our portfolio, ”said Dan Dylan, CEO of ASU Enterprise Partners.

“In SEMCAP Education the team is a unique combination of experienced educators, company founders, administrators, investors and regulators with global networks across the sector, ”Buckley continued. Chuck Trafton and Vince Menicelli, managing partners SEMCAP Educationsupported by a team of leaders involved in transforming education around the world, including Jared Carney of Lightdale, LLC and formerly of Milken Institute and Knowledge Universe, Chris Nigel of Holmes Education Group, Joe Ferguson of Charter School Growth Fund and Cindy Morgan of Penn Medicine .

Samantha Bradley from ASU Enterprise Partners joins SEMCAP Education The Advisory Board is chaired by Joe Johnson, the former UK Secretary of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, and includes Harry Kaylee-Chair of CalSTRS, California’s pension system. “Under the leadership of its president, Dr. Michael Crow, ASU has become a pioneer in applying technology to teaching and expanding access to world-class education. We are proud to be working with a true education innovator to invest in our collective future, ”Johnson said.

Bradley is the head of RealmSpark, a business division of ASU Enterprise Partners, which promotes the capital investment needed to fuel EdTech’s strategically managed portfolio of ideas and innovation in support of the University of Arizona.

Bradley said: “Partners of ASU and SEMCAP Education combine to provide the best positions of growing companies with access to value-added capital. Together, we can help drive the innovation and growth needed by ASU to fulfill its mission. ”

About SEMCAP education

SEMCAP Education identifies and supports entrepreneurs who are transforming the future of education and scaling technologies that improve access, accessibility and quality. We are investing in capital growth in leading categories and companies to create educational and educational technologies that drive the transformation of students, faculty and taxpayers with Pre-K through adult learning. Led by a highly qualified investment team with deep experience in investing and investing in education and educational technology, the team provides a unique understanding of the transaction and support for strategic partnerships and growth enhancement.


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About ASU Enterprise Partners

ASU Enterprise Partners is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to build solutions and generate resources to expand the reach of Arizona State University and promote its charter. ASU Enterprise Partners supports ASU through resource mobilization, real estate development, technology transfer, collaborative research, and accelerating technical innovation in support of universal lifelong learning at ASU. Its business units and strategic partners include ASU Foundation, ASURE, Enterprise Collaboratory at ASU, RealmSpark, Skysong Innovations and University Realty. Find out more at

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