MSLAW provides accessible, affordable legal education

The mission of the Massachusetts Law School is to provide academically rigorous affordable legal education with an emphasis on ethics, advocacy, leadership, and professional skills. MSLAW provides this affordable and affordable legal education to future leaders in law, business and technology who seek to contribute to their communities as advocates, lawyers and leaders. Lawyers have a huge impact in our society, and MSLAW prepares its graduates to use their skills to help their clients and achieve the social progress that a law degree has traditionally provided.

To fulfill its mission, the Massachusetts Law School brings together a diverse team of scholars, judges, practitioners, and other professionals to provide individuals of diverse backgrounds with rigorous, professional, and affordable legal education so they can improve their lives and better serve their communities. .

Our students choose MSLAW because it fits. It fits their budget, their busy lifestyle, their character and aspirations.

Affordable training

We are the most affordable law school in New England. This, combined with the skills training built into our curriculum, allows MSLAW students to look for employment opportunities that students from other law schools (obtained in huge arrears) cannot obtain.

LSATS is not required

We believe that the true measure of a person’s ability to be a good lawyer cannot be measured by sterile statistics alone. Instead, we need an interview and completion of our MSLAW essay ability test. We will also ask you to view records of your academic and work experience.

Flexible schedule

Through both day and evening programs, MSLAW allows students to earn a degree by working full-time or part-time, juggling family, or attending other external responsibilities.

Learning difference

MSLAW professors didn’t just teach, they did. Our faculty has extensive practice experience. You will learn from their real-world experience, which is markedly different from the faculties of other law faculties.

Professional skills

MSLAW is committed to providing each graduate with the professional skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

MSLAW experience

MSLAW promotes an atmosphere of support, openness, friendliness and inclusiveness. Our faculty has fully invested a culture that ensures our students truly enjoy time here.

The Massachusetts Law School does not discriminate against anyone on any grounds, including race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, disability, source of income or status. disabled for admission, access, participation in its programs and activities. We invite everyone to MSLAW.

This report is presented by the Massachusetts Law School.

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