Lincoln City amends code to allow for electronic message signs for conditional use | News

Lincoln City Council passed a resolution Monday, Feb. 14, to amend the Lincoln City Municipal Code to create an exception for email signs. Electronic signs and illuminated signs are prohibited in residential areas.

“The proposed amendment provides an opportunity to apply for conditional permission to use a removable copy of the sign and e-mail center or signage with internal lighting,” said Anne Marie Skinner, director of community planning and development.

Skinner said not every use in these areas could qualify for conditional board use. A resident would not be able to apply for a reading board for his yard. Those uses that are conditional, such as religious institutions, schools, and government agencies, may apply for a conditional use permit in one of the residential areas.

“Public hearings are required to approve the conditional use permit, which is sent to the planning commission,” Skinner said. “Staff suggests that these signs be subject to the following: compliance with all electrical regulations and permits, animation will be banned, light colors such as white and cream will be banned, inscriptions on a black background. Red captions are a recommendation, and full-screen lighting is prohibited. ”

Full-screen lighting will mean that the entire display area will be illuminated, Skinner added.

“It will add more glare to the roadway and glare to living spaces,” Skinner said of the full-screen lighting.

Sue Graves, Lincoln School District Security Coordinator, testified on behalf of the school district in favor of an amendment to the zoning ordinance.

“We really want Taft High School to have an e-mail center,” Graves said. “Most county schools already have them.”

Graves said the readers ’board raises awareness of the place, and with that come pride and a sense of connection.

“Some of our schools even have an award of the month,” Graves said. “There are many ways to celebrate achievements and really promote a positive culture.”

The school can also use a bulletin board to announce school absence days, future activities and parent-teacher conferences, Graves added. It would also be useful for security and emergency reports.

“The ability to send a message in two languages ​​is another advantage,” Graves said.

The Council approved and adopted the resolution.


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