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Sex education in high school is important for reducing sexual violence in college. SPECIALLY FOR RACULA

Colleges across the country have problems with sexual violence on campus. Although many are taking steps to reduce this, prevention should start much earlier.

High schools need to introduce comprehensive sex education to help prevent sexual violence in the future.

And 2020 report The Association of American Universities said 13% of students experienced some form of sexual abuse while in college, and the USF is not immune to that.

The university launched an investigation in 2020 into several cases of sexual violence when Chelsea Engel, a former USF student, shared her story on Twitter, prompting others to do the same.

Former USF President Stephen Kural has betrayed Fr. statement said he was “deeply concerned” and described steps he would take to tackle the problem, such as conducting a USF Fraternity and Sorority Life climate review and calling for an internal review to determine how the university can better prevent sexual violence.

Unfortunately, the problem has not disappeared. The USF Police Department sent an email on January 21 informing students of the “sex battery” on campus.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization defines comprehensive sex education as training “about the cognitive, emotional, physical and social aspects of sexuality ”. This type of education focuses on healthy relationships and boundaries, as well as a comprehensive approach to sex.

The main reason this helps prevent sexual abuse is that it teaches students to say no. And 2018 study Columbia University has shown that students trained in denial skills are much less likely to be sexually abused in college.

«Prevention of sexual violence should start earlier. Successful prevention before college should complement prevention efforts after students enter college,“Said John Santelli, lead author of the study.

This education also teaches students the details of consent, which is important not only when it comes to sexual relationships, but in all aspects of life. It teaches students that it can be revoked at any time and agreeing to one does not mean agreeing to everything.

The National Resource Center for Sexual Violence it is said that about half of sexual abuse of women is committed by an intimate partner. This is probably because men tend to experience a higher level of consent when previously having sexual activity, according to 2017 data. study.

This study found that there are several factors, such as their previous beliefs about sexual violence, that can make men perceive their partner’s consent and desire as higher than they actually are, leading them to sexual abuse.

Such simple inappropriate communication can lead to prolonged injury. A full understanding of consent can help prevent these types of misunderstandings.

A complete sex education is important because it encourages open communication about sex and teaches students the importance of respecting boundaries. It is important to teach these values ​​at a young age to prepare students for healthy future relationships.

Some people, such as Cullen Harrow, author of Blaze Media, disagree. Geravt said in 2016 article that he believes that sex education should be completely removed from schools. He describes this type of education as “indoctrination” and “perversion” and insists that school is not a place to talk about sex.

It is this process of thinking that contributes to the problem. Abandonment of open, healthy discussions about sex can lead to misunderstandings and misinformation that will lead to sexual violence later in life.

Many conversations around sexual violence have focused on preventing this problem on college campuses, but it’s too late. High schools need to lay the groundwork for understanding sex and consent at an early age through a comprehensive sex education program.

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