ExtraaEdge Found Its CRM Niche in the Education Industry

CRM solutions can benefit businesses and organizations in virtually any field. However, standard features and tools are not always applicable. Education is one of the industries where institutions often benefit from more customizable solutions. This is where ExtraaEdge comes to the rescue. Read about this unique offer for education providers in the spotlight of small businesses this week.

What makes a business

Offers CRM solutions for the education industry.

Solutions include:

  • CRM education and marketing automation platform
  • Chat bot
  • Application tracking system

Business niche

Offering customizable solutions.

Co-founder Abhishek Balabh told Small Business Trends: “We understand that each institution is unique and has different requirements. That’s why we make sure that all functions meet the needs of our customers. “

How the business started

To address specific issues for education providers.

Balab and co-founder Sushil Mundada worked together as a data engineer and CRM architect at the bank. However, they have always been fascinated by the education industry.

Balab says, “First, [we] started by advising students about their career options. However, in the process we found many loopholes in the traditional admission process. ”

The biggest victory

Breakthrough into a new field.

Balab explains: “LEAD is India’s largest school company EdTech, which provides 2000+ schools to meet the international standard of education. We received an incoming request from Lead School who wanted to schedule a demonstration with us. Their use case was quite unique because they are in B2B, and previously we had very few B2B clients. We have completely adapted our product to meet each of their requirements in terms of fulfilling what we promised.

“Their collaboration has meant a lot to us because it has led to expansion in B2B, and our education-focused CRM successfully delights our customers by meeting all their needs and providing ongoing customer support.”

Lesson learned

Focus on your ideal customers.

Balab says, “If we could do it all over again, we wouldn’t accept customers who didn’t fit our ideal customer profile (ICP) because it led to high outflow rates in the early stages of launch.”

As they spend an extra $ 100,000

The brand is growing and expanding.

Balab adds: “If our business had an additional $ 100,000, we would use it to conduct market research, especially outside of India, and to expand our presence in international markets. We would invest more in improving the skills of our team members to help them and the organization grow. Finally, we would like to invest some funds in ExtraaEdge branding to improve customer awareness and loyalty. ”

Unique working conditions

Work in the play area.

Balab says, “We sometimes use our table tennis table as a workstation.”

Favorite quote

“Better a poor horse than no horse at all.” “Kurt Cobain.”

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Image: ExtraaEdge

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