CISA’s Robert Costello Talks Culture Shifts, Cyber Innovation Strategies During Keynote at GovCon Wire’s Information Security & Innovation Forum

GovCon Wire events on time Forum on Information Security and Innovation on Wednesday, prominent government and industry figures gathered to discuss how public and private sector organizations work together to better strengthen the critical capabilities of the United States ’information and cybersecurity in response to the increased threat of cyber attacks in today’s digital age.

Chief Information Officer of the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency Robert Castello opened a morning program of major homes dedicated to how his office focuses on bold innovation at the grassroots level of the process to transform CISA culture and attract talent that can help the federal agency enter the modern era.

Lori Stallard, vice president and executive director for strategic accounts at Leidos, introduced Castello’s audience to outline the CISA CIO’s extensive federal and industry experience and prepare the ground for his insightful speech. Castella then took the floor to shed light on some of the leadership principles and technological priorities he has guided in his role at the agency.

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Castello, who took up his current role in August 2021 after working as a civilian strategic advisor in the public sector at World Wide Technology, is bringing a fresh, informed industry perspective to the three-year agency and working to catalyze CISA modernization initiatives.

This kind of transformational change is needed, Castello argued, to combat the constant threat of cyberattacks.

“We are constantly under attack, whether on social media, in our mission systems or elsewhere, we are seeing a radical change in the approach to how we should protect our systems,” he said.

Continuing, Castella explained: “What we are doing here at CISA is looking closely at how our processes can be changed while maintaining compatibility, but also working hand in hand with mission operators here at CISA to make sure we listen to them that we train our people accordingly ”.

During his keynote session, Castello spoke about a wide range of organizational aspects of CISA, including the importance of the job authorization process, maintaining an approach to failure, and using flexibility to attract a competitive workforce.

“I want to make CISA a great startup,” Castella said, noting that ideally he wants operators to be able to choose the technology they deploy in mission service. “We really want to be able to attract the talent we have and compete honestly with the industry a bit.”

The agency’s “people-centeredness” is further enhanced by CISA’s ability to articulate its own decisions, where applicable, enabling its employees to learn from the industry and return to government and take advantage of new hiring processes.

“We also really want to cover the cyber talent management system, which is the new hiring body we have at DHS,” Castello commented. “I think it will allow us to recruit a little differently.”

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