China’s Yeyo plans plant-based innovation drive to target core female audience

When we spoke to Yeyo last July, the firm just launched its flagship store Tmall with a focus on building a brand in the Chinese market, without any offline stores. Less than a year later, it is now available offline in about 200 stores nationwide, including at retailers such as MUJI and BHG.

“We are present in most high-end supermarkets, and will soon appear in ALDI stores, and soon we will also be in the mass market retailers,”Christiana Zhu, co-founder and CEO of parent company Yeyo Marvelous Foods, said FoodNavigator-AsiaTaking care of

“We started online to get the feedback we need to customize the product to meet consumer requirements, but eventually yogurt is a cold chain product and most sales will happen offline as the supply chain and distribution much more efficient for this, so we are seeing even faster growth with our offline expansion.Taking care of

“Apart from outlets, we also distribute on F&B channels such as salad bars – this is a very important place for us, because that’s where most of our main target market for office lunches goes and being present in these places means we can also be part of their office lunch. “Taking care of

Yeyo’s main target market is female consumers between the ages of 25 and 39, as the firm believes this group is most in line with the trends driving the local plant-based dairy market.

“This group of consumers is the most fashionable and trendy, and therefore pays the most attention to international trends such as better for you and healthier food,”said Zhu.


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