Arizona Department of Education Selects Riverside’s CogAT for Statewide Universal Screening of all Second-Grade Students for Gifted Education Services

ITASCA, Illinois – February 23, 2022 – The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) has selected Riverside Insight Cognitive ability test ™ (CogAT®), the most respected and widely used aptitude test of students, to test 2nd graders across the state for gifted programs. ADE’s choice of assessment supports the Department of Justice’s vision for all students to help them realize their potential. CogAT has been specifically designed to be accessible to the widest range of students and to provide maximum fairness with valid and reliable results for identification and placement.

“We are excited to provide an opportunity that will help our schools more genuinely identify our state’s gifted students,” said Arizona State Education Chief Katie Hoffman. “Universal screening removes barriers to access and is a proven strategy to help identify students who have traditionally been underrepresented in gifted education programs – especially students who may be culturally, linguistically and socio-economically diverse.” .

CogATability test № 1 in the market, according to en Education Week The report is an assessment tool that most effectively addresses equity issues by identifying each student’s unique learning potential and giving faculty insights to help them achieve this. Due to its demonstrated effectiveness in special populations, CogAT has a unique position to meet ADE requirements, supporting all learners, including students with disabilities or students who speak English. CogAT standardized with a representative sample of students from across the country to ensure both national and local norms, and offers standard age scores (SAS) based on age for the fairest comparison of young students at different levels of development and maturity.

“The Arizona Department of Education has a commendable and ambitious goal of providing a single, universal, and comprehensive assessment for all second-grade students – with the right identification and differentiation capabilities to help schools maximize each student’s potential,” said General Matt Tabbe. on the products group at Riverside Insights. “With its demonstrated effectiveness in supporting special populations and its ability to propose national norms and age scores, CogAT is the best valuation in the market and exceeds the requirements of the Department ”.

ADE has prioritized the importance of program scalability, including robust experience implementing nationwide universal screening programs and robust online testing for up to 80,000 second-graders. In addition, CogAT meets state requirements for individual scores for quantitative reasoning, verbal and nonverbal reasoning and provides reliable and valid scores in the highest score distribution ranges. CogAT also meets ADE’s needs for accurate data reported at the system, school, and student level, and offers a variety of student metrics in each area of ​​reasoning with national scores and age scores.

“The ability to measure accurately and comprehensively is crucial for a true and fair assessment of a student’s learning potential, especially for special populations, such as students with disabilities and students studying English,” said Dr. Johnny Lakin, co-author of CogAT. “CogAT was designed for this specific purpose to fit development and cultures, including a broad assessment of equity. We are excited to work with the Arizona Department of Education to give such an assessment to so many of our students. ”

CogAT in Arizona schools

Arizona Public Schools and public charter schools will be able to work directly with Riverside Insights for purchasing and administration CogAT to support their universal survey programs starting in late March 2022. To learn more about how CogAT can support fairness and inclusion in the identification in your area, please visit or Example: A Handbook on Promoting Justice and Inclusion in Gifted and Special Ed Ed Programs .

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