Wachter Inc. Partners with PORTL to Transform Retail, Corporate, Education, and Healthcare Locations into Immersive Guest Experience Destinations

Lenexa, Can .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Wachter, Inc., a technology consultant and integrator of nationwide solutions, has signed a deal to place PORTL holograms among its customers. With IoT, AI, touch screens, voice activation, face recognition and more, the devices can represent human ambassadors in full size – live or pre-recorded – in real 4K for interactive experiences as well as digital objects of all kinds. Possible uses include interactive path finding, virtual dressing rooms, celebrity appearances and performances, and dynamic brand activation through experience.

Wachter integrates and develops next-generation technologies that enable retailers to interact with consumers and extract meaningful data in real time. Wachter deploys large-scale projects on a single site through its workforce nationwide – including special deployment teams to deploy technology – allowing retailers to quickly see the return on investment in technology.

“Creating an unforgettable location shopping is challenging enough for retailers,” said Wachter, vice president of strategic innovation Matt Tyler. “Designing, implementing and supporting the technologies needed for this becomes unfeasible and often takes a back seat due to complexity or cost. Wachter’s exclusive partnership with PORTL and Intel provides a simple, scalable turnkey solution that allows our customers to effortlessly give their customers a unique, engaging, personal encounter ”.

PORTL has created a fully autonomous plug-and-play unit that is already used worldwide in retail, healthcare, corporate communications, entertainment, education and more. Previous partners in public activation have included DHL, AT&T, T-Mobile, Netflix, HBO, Diageo and Chase Bank. Celebrities using PORTL include Usain Bolt, Marshon Lynch, Lewis Hamilton, Kane Brown and P. Didi. The startup from Los Angeles recently won three awards at the CES 2022 Innovation Awards and announced its future smaller division PORTL M at the Today Show.

“The caretaker does so many important things that we take for granted in our lives,” said the CEO and inventor of PORTL Inc. David Nussbaum. “With their reach, the trust they have from the biggest names in retail and beyond to manage their most valuable assets, as well as their reputation for innovation and precision, Wachter is the perfect partner to bring PORTL technology to some of the the largest companies in the world ”.

About Wachter, Inc.

Founded in 1930, Wachter is a leading nationwide solution integrator that helps customers transform their businesses through consulting, managed services, electrical systems, IT networking, industrial automation, and security and safety. Wachter designs, develops, installs and maintains these sophisticated systems, providing customers with competitive advantages by increasing productivity, reducing operating costs and optimizing internal processes.

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PORTL Inc. is a manufacturer of holographic devices and software and cloud services to support holoportation. Founded in 2018 by inventor and CEO David Nussbaum, its award-winning products are now used worldwide, sending executives, technology and science experts, and sports and music celebrities to events, showcasing NFT and other facilities and becoming an important new tool for the education, retail, marketing and hospitality industries. The startup, supported by Tim Draper, was recently named the new number one technology at the Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona, ​​the best new telecommunications startup by the IT Award and a three-time winner of the CES Innovation Awards in 2022. PORTL is headquartered in Los Angeles and it has satellite and distribution offices in New York, Las Vegas and Dubai. PORTL is committed to uniting people through all kinds of divisions. Follow us Twitter and Instagram. For more information, visit PORTLhologram.com.

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