Virtual Presentation Ceremony Celebrates the Winners of TT Club Innovation in Safety Award

The collaboration between ICHCA International (ICHCA) and TT Club has once again recognized the crucial role played by organizations around the world in the ongoing search for better solutions to improve security in the freight industry. While the three shortlisted works, and especially the final VIKING winner, were to be congratulated, the efforts of all the organizations that provided details of their innovations are admirable. Their commitment to increased security underscores the need for increased vigilance in the cargo handling and freight sector to reduce casualties and property damage while fostering global trade.

The ceremony, which took place virtually at the TT Club’s offices in London, was released this afternoon by Heike Degim, Director of Maritime Safety at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), who has consistently supported the awards both now and in the past. . The ceremony also provided an opportunity for each of the three shortlisted companies to present their successful security innovations. A recording of the entire event will soon be available on the ICHCA and TT websites.

On behalf of the ICHCA, the presentation was led by Richard Steele, CEO of the association. “The list of innovations from our nominees for the award is really exciting,” he said. “Innovation does not happen by itself. All participants put in the hard work, drive and ambition and I am confident that today there are many works that are not shortlisted that will inspire others in the industry and achieve practical success in reducing accidents. To this end, we will provide a digest of all records in the coming months. ” Steele also thanked the jury, which is made up of professionals from across the industry, including the International Transport Workers ’Federation (ITF) for their dedicated and conscientious work.

The winner, VIKING’s HydroPen, is helping to fight the increasing number of container fires while on board ships at sea. The complexity of the cargo being transported, and the frequent problem of access to containers makes firefighting the most difficult for employees of the first service, the crew of ships. HydroPen allows you to observe such fires from a safe distance, and the judges were particularly impressed with the specific online training that is conducted with each unit.

PSA International’s highly regarded Video Analytics solution helps prevent heavy-duty collisions that can be so harmful to both life and cargo, while Cargotec’s innovation solves the daunting task of inspecting containers from below; safely identify any damage to the bottom of the containers and make sure they are clean and free of any invasive pests.

TT Club was thrilled with the industry’s response to this, the fourth, award for security innovation. “It is very encouraging that so many entrants are looking to solve many problems: from providing geospatial data and software for forecasting services to technologies that measure local climatic conditions. The last two years have been incredibly stressful and difficult for all concerned, and security issues may have increased significantly. It is gratifying to see that, despite these conditions, the industry’s commitment to sustainability and security is not diminishing. “

Peregrine Stors-Fox, TT’s director of risk management, commented: “This award was inaugurated to celebrate solutions that have proven to make the workplace in the industry safer. We believe that the open exchange of such ideas is the core of the Club’s mission to make the industry safer and more secure. “

Bill Brasington, chairman of the ICHCA technical group, wanted to emphasize that the partners in the organization are consistent efforts to improve security. “In recent years, the shipping industry has suffered from a number of serious container fires, and the TT Club and ICHCA have consistently campaigned to reduce these life-threatening events,” he stressed. “Frequent webinars and publications have been devoted to raising awareness of the difficulties of deterring fires both below and on deck, especially where the container is high in the stack. Therefore, it is a pleasure to congratulate VIKING Lifesaving Equipment and their innovative HydroPen system. I would also like to congratulate all the participants of the TT Club Innovation in Safety Awards; I am sure that the judges covered the various and fascinating topics they covered. “
Source: TT Club, ICHCA

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