This new meetup wants to spark Web3 innovation for Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh blockchain enthusiasts have a new place to collect – and IRL.

Web3Pghnew initiative from RustBuilt Pittsburgh leader and Stronghold digital mining vice president of corporate development Keith Muellerits constituent assembly will take place in Forbes Tavern downtown on Wednesday, February 23rd. Monthly meetings will be free and open to all professionals interested in blockchain, not just the technology industry. As a local branch of the wider community, Web3Pgh’s mission is to “focus on empowering the world, enabling everyone to enjoy efficiency, democracy and avoid centralized power,” says the Meetup page.

The new community is not the first blockchain activity Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania have seen. Stronghold Digital Mining – which has several top employees working locally and a power plant nearby – is itself an alternative miner of bitcoins running on energy. Bitcoin ATMs have started to appear all over the region. And on the other side of the state, Philadelphia officials are exploring cryptocurrency options to fund civic projects.

Pittsburgh technology leaders in both industry and academia have turned to Twitter to joke and praise some of the most popular iterations of blockchain technology, such as incompatible tokens (NFT). While some laughed at the many opportunities that NFT can have to be – digital image or tweet, as soon as two examples – others began to involve others in NFT-focused activities, or even create their own NFT.

“Based on the feedback and contributions I have received from a growing number of builders, we decided to launch Web3Pgh to better connect professionals in space,” Mueller wrote in an email to “The first part of this effort is our monthly meetings, each of which will feature 3 presentations of new companies and projects. So much is happening at both the local and national levels with decentralized platforms and protocols, and our local outpost is designed to convene and catalyze the great efforts that are already taking place here. ”

The first session will feature presentations on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and NFT platforms with Confluence Capital’s Conar Platt, DAO links Jeremiah Lee Lancaster and road workers Yaovi Kpoga, respectively. The two-hour event will be booked online.

While other communities around Web3 exist both in the city and in the state – the Pittsburgh Bitcoin Meeting and PA Blockchain Coalition comes to mind – this will be the first to be run by someone from one of Pittsburgh’s most famous cryptocurrency firms today. And the guest list will definitely include leading voices of local technology, including previous responses to the meeting Work Pittsburgh Director Josh Lucas and Confirmed Ltd. CEO David Radin.

To join the list of participants of tomorrow’s event, register in advance here.

Sophie Burkholder is a member of the Report for America Corps for 2021-2022, an initiative of The Groundtruth Project that brings together young journalists from local newsrooms. This position is supported by the Heinz Foundation. -30-

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