The Future Of Investing Is Here

New technologies have been changing industries and societies for quite some time. Technology has inspired deeper learning and inspired people to explore aspects of the world that we have not considered before. However, many educators argue that the more we adopt automated technology “done for you,” the less people need to learn something.

Living in a world where approximately 80% of American student youth are considering postponing or skipping college. The definition of what it means to be educated is undoubtedly changing, but is it good or bad?

“It’s really difficult to assess the effects of increasing automation in investment and entrepreneurship in general, but we know the effects of good education that we’ve seen for generations,” said Anthony DeGalba. “Any situation where applications and automation reduce interest in education in a particular industry cannot be positive through.”

Anthony DeGalba is the CEO of OnlyOptionsTrades, one of the most well-known educational platforms for options trading online. DeGalbo insisted on going against the grain when he launched the platform, choosing an educational path in an industry where most new platforms sold automated investments with artificial intelligence, where investors only needed to “plug and play”.

The unique approach of the platform to consistently live classes during the week won many fans and customers in the company. This unique approach to education and second income has led the relatively new company to generate more than $ 3 million in revenue and more than 10,000 solvent participants in 2021 alone.

DeGalba insists that their success is proof that there is a real desire for real educational investment platforms.

Is automation really the democratization of investment?

One of the great promises of technology has been to democratize access to a variety of industries, including stock and options trading. At first glance, it would seem that automation programs, platforms, and applications do just that, lowering the entry bar for investors and abandoning the need for due diligence and education on their part. However, DeGalba argues that this will not bring true democratization in the long run.

“For something to boast of democratization, it needs to focus on the individual and empower the individual. Automated platforms can be very effective in making a profit, but often the main reason for their success is experienced veteran traders who do magic behind them. If we continue to expand the ignorance of investors, more and more power will be concentrated in these companies of investors, and in the long run the investor will be at a disadvantage. “

DeGalba seems to fear that automation enables a company rather than an investor, and many fear technology companies in general. It seems that the more we rely on technology to do for us what we have not spent time to understand, the more they have power over us. These companies reserve the right to raise the value of their offers at any time, and this will undoubtedly put investors at a disadvantage.

Blind spots of investment automation

Every investment carries a reasonable level of risk. Investments fail if these risks do not benefit the investor. For example, equity investors need to understand that stocks may lose value, and be aware of possible scenarios that could lead to this. The same goes for options and forex traders.

However, apparently, there is an increase in automated investment opportunities that promise a monthly return on cash investment.

According to DeGalbo, “You never see investment sharks handing out investment dollars to startups whose business they don’t understand, at least to some degree. If we offer an investment opportunity as an automated, low-risk, made for … your business that does not require you to understand the market, we are building a very volatile system that may come back to us in the future. ”

In an ideal world, every investor in the stock or currency market will understand the markets and the risks involved. They should not be encouraged by unrealistic promises before investing.

The way forward

“The assumption that investments only require you to invest your money is the reason why so many pyramid schemes have flourished in America, and it’s also the reason why most of them have failed.” DeGalba explains: “Our goal with OnlyOptionsTrades has always been to re-educate a new generation of investors so that they invest in education before they invest their money. This balanced approach must be the way we move forward. “

No matter what school we go to, it is clear that a world where there is no emphasis on education and skills acquisition will take us into the rabbit hole of enrichment and failed investment schemes.


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