The Andy Warhol Diaries Trailer Uses A.I. to Bring Back His Voice (Trailer)

Andy Warhol’s voice can be heard from his posthumously published diaries thanks to AI technology in the trailer Andy Warhol’s DiariesNetflix and Ryan Murphy’s new six-part documentary series about the life and work of pop art icons.

“I’m just a freak. I was not very close to anyone. Although, apparently, he wanted to be, ”Warhol’s voice reads in the trailer, which you can watch above.

The series will premiere on March 9. The series uses “modern artificial intelligence techniques” to recreate Warhol’s voice 35 years after his death in 1987, allowing the diary to come to life in six-hour episodes, according to Netflix.

This is not the first document that uses artificial intelligence to bring the subject’s voice back to life – Anthony Bourdain’s documentary Roadman drew attention and criticism last year for using the technology to make it sound as if a globe-dash had read an email aloud. Statement in Andy Warhol’s Diaries The trailer says that the documentary series received permission from the Andy Warhol Foundation to reproduce his voice via AI

The new documentary series “cleverly confirms Warhol’s belief that the idea is not to live forever, but to create art that will be,” – said in a description of the series from Netflix. “Since childhood in Pittsburgh, the series traces the almost incredibly diverse journey of Warhol, which moves smoothly between the media and through the ages as an artist – both esteemed and loving – director, publisher, TV producer, stage director and celebrity, many celebrities. Although it was more than life, Warhol was very closed in his personal life. ”

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The series also delves into Warhol’s romantic life, analyzing diary entries and interviews with those who knew him well, about his potentially romantic relationship with artist Jean-Michel Bascaya. The series also features interviews with those who worked, created and played alongside Warhall, including John Waters and Rob Lowe.

“No one is more famous in the 20th century than Andy Warhol,” Lowe says in the trailer.

Andy Warhol’s Diaries Directed by Andrew Rossi, who is also an executive producer with Murphy, Josh Brown, Stanley Buchtal, Alexis Martin Woodall and Scott Robertson. Stacey Rice and Dan Brown are co-producers. Abstract Submarine produces.

Main image: Andy Warhol’s Diaries. Photo: Andy Warhol. Provided by Netflix.

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