Staying connected – ensuring great communications and hospitality technology

The best way to work efficiently and effectively in any industry is to promote continuous experience. In the hospitality industry and its investment in innovative technologies, this is a key priority – creating a single platform in all locations and using it as a basis for a better guest experience, among other things.

The realization of this vision is not solely related to investment in technology. It is always about incorporating human capabilities into the modern paradigm. As technology emerges and outdated solutions come to an end, excellent communication – between guests and employees, as well as between branch staff as a unified team – should be the focus of attention to promote great experience and enhance opportunities for excellent work. needed to secure them. What are some of the ways this is played out? Here are some examples.

Support guests throughout the journey

The impact of mobile technology and interacting online with a variety of information, including hotel reservations and ordering food through apps, is almost immeasurable. This movement has been significant in shaping our perceptions and our expectations over the years. At this point, we expect to know what’s going on at any given moment, using our mobile devices as key tools that allow us to be connected. What this means for hospitality organizations in terms of guest experience is so it is a duty to promote greater personalization, greater control over the processes and consistency of the experience on each part of the trip.

To do this, the user interface environment for mobile access must be clean, clear, and intuitive. It should provide available options for updates, additions and other services from the beginning and throughout. Effective communication with guests can include SMS and push notifications. On all channels, keeping clear and relevant messages, from booking to check-out, is one of the key ways guests will rate their impressions and share them with others. This has serious implications for hotel brands.

Keep employees in touch with the information they need

Emphasizing excellent communication, as well as the availability of systems and functionality to facilitate them, allows location staff to help keep guests informed and – most importantly – more responsive to guests ’needs when they appear. Location staff are key providers of this experience through intuitive and integrated technologies. Any existing systems should provide access to the required information in real time. This contributes to several benefits that change the game.

First, when employees connect through excellent communications, they can solve problems faster, or see ways to avoid them completely more quickly. On the other hand, field staff can more easily prioritize their tasks and gain important visibility of inquiries, maintenance and incidents, and cleaning schedules. That means better services and a better experience for everyone with less uncertainty and stress. It also means that employees find it easier to feel empowered. It’s easier for them to do a great job. At a time when talent retention is an immediate issue, this sense of empowerment is very important.

Creating clarity for everyone

Providing clarity is a vital concept for hospitality organizations. This is especially true when it comes to accessible, timely and consistent lines of communication supported by technology.

When everyone – both guests and staff – can access the information needed to make the right decisions and actions, it relieves the friction and stress that can cause a lack of control. Transforming human potential into a vision of a transformed and unified technology platform is an important building block to be adaptive and successful as the hospitality industry continues to grow into a new era.

How technology and culture converge

All this is due to the interdependent relationship between cultural trends and movements, as well as the development of new technologies to serve them. This is certainly not a one-way street. Technology has its own impact on how cultural expectations evolve in all kinds of areas.

In particular, with regard to the hospitality industry, we have written a more detailed resource that explores the relationship between technology and culture and what the implications are for hotels and resorts.

Download a copy of this resource right here.

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