Smart Glass Technologies Asks if Smart Glass is the Next Innovation for Healthcare Technology

MIAMI, February 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Technology has become a lucrative part of the healthcare industry as providers increasingly understand the role they can play in providing better care. For the architects and developers involved in creating these new, high-tech medical facilities, this means keeping track of the various technologies that can increase patient comfort, save time and money for medical facilities and allow providers to focus on what matters most. To that end, Smart Glass Technologies recently asked whether smart glass that switches is the next innovation for healthcare technology.

One tool that can help increase security and privacy, as well as speed up daily operations, is smart glass that switches. It contains a glaze called polymer-dispersed liquid crystal, or PLDC, which depends on electric currents to affect the location of the light. Using a switch or remote control, the user can control whether the glass is translucent or opaque to add a layer of privacy to the room as needed.

William TurcanCEO of Smart Glass Technologies, a MiamiThe company-based smart glass manufacturer said that, unlike regular glass, switchable smart glass helps control visibility while reducing maintenance costs. Healthcare providers can use his company’s PriWatt smart glass to increase privacy, comfort and convenience before and during an exam or procedure.

The patient can go into a separate space to change clothes, and just press a button to change the window transparency setting, and show the doctor that he is ready for the examination, ”said Turcan. In addition, because MRI machines can be noisy and cause a lot of vibration, smart switching glass has a material that helps eliminate excess noise and reduce vibration.

Turcan said the PriWatt smart glass guarantees privacy on demand “through lamination of PLDC crystals in the middle of two panels of tempered glass with low iron content. The glass is then connected to low voltage electricity and the supplier or patient can manipulate the settings for seconds after turning the control on or off via the remote control.

He added that by getting rid of blinds and curtains, smart glass could become a more sanitary option, which should be a top priority for medical facilities.

Curtains and blinds are difficult to maintain because they need to be removed and washed, and after a while they will need to be replaced, which adds additional work and costs for building owners, ”said Turcan. Because PLDC crystals are protected by glass, smart glass can only be turned off and cleaned with alcohol. So it’s always extremely hygienic. “

Building developers can install smart glass just like regular glass, Turcan said, with the only difference being that an electrician must be present.

The electrician should make sure that the double-glazed windows do not damage the wires when they install the glass in the U-channels, which are the system that includes the glass, ”said Turcan. The electrician then connected the glass to the transformer. Because glass is powered by low voltage electricity, only 48 volts, if there is a case where someone needs to get the wire out of the glass, it should be a safe process.

Before the developers get started, they will need to discuss with the medical facility where the wires should be located, Turcan said. To do this, Smart Glass Technologies can be on hand to provide instructions and support for developers if they need extra help during the installation process. It is expected that after installation the glass will last about 15 years.

Turcan said Smart Glass Technologies ’focus on privacy is what makes their smart switching glass change the game in the healthcare industry.

Smart glass is something that will increase the value of real estate, because it is something new, “said Turcan. We want to be experts in using smart glass for privacy. ”

This article was prepared in collaboration between Smart Glass Technologies and Studio B.

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