SAN FRANCISCO, February 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Simplilearna global provider of digital skills training (along with its affiliates and subsidiaries), has announced its collaboration with the Wharton School Arrest Management Institute for Leadership Education, University of Pennsylvaniato launch the first of its kind program, AI for business. The course, which revolves around new artificial intelligence technology, will last four to six weeks. This will help students understand the basics of big data, AI and machine learning; application of AI in marketing, finance and people management; and how to deploy these technologies to support an organization’s strategy. The program is best suited for senior executives who would like to understand how to use artificial intelligence for digital transformation or customize AI engineering capabilities.

The collaboration will help students globally and will include content created and provided by Wharton Online’s business division in Wharton Executive Education. The program will contain modules Fundamentals of AI for non-data scientists AI applications in marketing and finance, AI applications in people managementand Strategy and Management AI. Wharton will also provide all course content along with 90 minutes of master classes each month. Students will have access to the Wharton Online platform and course-related materials for one year. Upon completion of the program, each student who meets the required criteria will receive a digital certificate of completion of the Wharton Executive Education program.

Speaking of the program, Anand Narayanansaid Simplilearn’s chief product officer“Artificial intelligence today pushes the boundaries of machine-enabled functionality. This advanced technology allows machines to operate with a degree of autonomy, leading to effective iterative tasks. AI can be applied in every sector of the economy to open up new opportunities and efficiencies. We are pleased to offer this new program along with in-depth Wharton School course content and master classes from experts in the field to provide extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence concepts and give students an understanding of the industry to grow their business as well as open up new opportunities. ”

Speaking of cooperation, Jagmahan S. RajuDeputy Dean of Education Wharton Executive Education said: Digital technology and artificial intelligence play a crucial role in the work of enterprises. In fact, artificial intelligence has helped create the next-generation workplace that thrives on continuous collaboration between enterprise systems and individuals, freeing up resources to perform higher-level tasks. Given Simplilearn’s commitment to improving the skills of the workforce with relevant digital skills, we are excited to work with them to provide this new best-in-class course AI for business “.

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Simplilearn conducts more than 1,500 live classes with an average of 70,000 students, who together spend more than 500,000 hours each month on the platform. The programs offered by Simplilearn give students the opportunity to improve their skills and obtain certification in popular domains. In 2020, Simplilearn introduced a free skills development program called SkillUp. SkillUp allows students to study popular topics for free in the best professional and technological fields, helping them to make the right decisions for learning and career advancement.

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Founded in 1881 as the first collegiate business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania recognized worldwide for intellectual leadership and continuous innovation in all major business education disciplines. With a wide global community and one of the most published faculties of business schools, Wharton creates economic and social value worldwide. The school has 5,000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA and doctoral students; more than 13,000 participants in educational programs for executives annually; and a powerful alumni network of 100,000 alumni.

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