| CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Returns as In-Person Event

The University of California, the 37th annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference Northridge, internationally recognized as a major event in technology and people with disabilities, is scheduled to be held March 14-18 at the Anaheim Marriott.

The event will be attended by researchers, practitioners, educators, exhibitors, end users and more, who will come together to share knowledge, new innovations and best practices to promote inclusion for all.

Assistive technologies, be it a mobile app or a modified wheelchair, can change the lives of people with disabilities. The latest in assistive technology will be on display at the world’s largest gathering of people who develop or use assistive technology.

The conference explores all aspects of assistive technology, from seminars before the conference, followed by more than 250 educational sessions and a free opening of the showroom on Wednesday, March 16th.

“Our motivation for the conference continues to be to create an environment where leaders in this field, who seek to innovate in assistive technologies, can communicate and interact with each other, as well as receive information from people with disabilities,” – said Sandy Plotin, managing director of the CSUN Center for the Disabled, which holds events every year. “We look forward to meeting everyone again as we return to the Anaheim Marriott for the first time since 2020.”

When the 2021 CSUN virtual conference ended, officials from the Disability Center surveyed conference stakeholders about what they could do to improve the conference experience, Plotin said.

Based on the reviews, she said there will be some “exciting new changes”, in particular, the conference starts on Tuesday morning with a keynote speech to kick off the event. In addition, daily presentations will be held, which will be broadcast live and available for viewing on the conference website. Each evening the organizers planned special social events to increase the community’s return to the personal event.

“We have planned an upcoming face-to-face conference in which health and safety will be a top priority. We are taking all measures to ensure a safe event for all, ”Plotin said. “According to the University of California system, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and medical facilities have requirements for vaccinations and masks, medical examinations, and sanitation protocols. The recommendations are constantly updated as the situation develops. “

The main performance is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, at 8 am and will be broadcast live. This year’s speaker is Mike Pacello, a pioneer in the accessibility industry. It will talk about the digital age, interacting with people and the critical keys needed to provide an optimal user experience for people with disabilities.

Each year at the conference, the Center for the Disabled awards a leader who has demonstrated a commitment to influence change and significantly impact the field through the Strache Award for Leadership. This year’s winner was Jody L. Johnson, who not only supported students with disabilities on the CSUN campus for more than 35 years, but also contributed to the initial success of the conference.

“Her leadership and dedication to making it accessible to students demonstrates that she is truly a worthy recipient,” Plotin said.

In connection with the publication of the 10th edition of the Center for Technology and People with Disabilities this spring, the Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Prize for Assistive Technology Research will be presented to Scott Lambert, who represents the authors of “A Material Manipulation for Inclusive Quadruple Learning.”

The Strache Prize for Leadership and the Dr. Arthur I. Karshmer Prize will be presented during the program presentation.

The conference exhibition hall is free and open to the public. This year’s showroom will include a demonstration of the latest technology for people with disabilities, as well as an opportunity for end users and practitioners to interact with assistive technology product and service providers.

For information on the 2022 CSUN Conference Room, visit the conference website.


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