Pandemic R&D Agenda For Action: Fostering Innovation To End This Pandemic And Prepare For The Next One

As the world begins its third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the arguments for investing in research and development (R&D) of medical countermeasures to prevent and combat emerging global health threats are stronger than ever. Despite the huge scientific advances in 2020-21, systemic gaps in pandemic research, development, supply chain, production and delivery systems continue to hamper the deployment of urgently needed technologies for all people in need, everywhere , and prolong the pandemic.

COVID-19 and its variants have revealed long-standing market and systems failures and volatility that create barriers to timely and effective research and development in a pandemic. These persistent gaps not only threaten to destroy the progress made by scientific breakthroughs, but they also exacerbate inequality, leaving the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people around the world without access to rescue and essential medical services, and maintaining a sharp imbalance of power between countries. high and low income. COVID-19 has also led to many participants in pandemic-related research and development across the spectrum of innovation and around the world, highlighting the growing need for more focused coordination, coordination, information sharing and transparency.

The world urgently needs a goal-oriented, active and sustainable pandemic research and development ecosystem. There is a broad consensus that research and development is a vital component of building a world better equipped to prevent, prepare for and respond to pandemic threats. But new investments in innovation will not live up to the promise of saving lives, preventing future global health emergencies and building a healthier and safer world for all if governments, international institutions and industry do not want to listen to the hard lessons of this pandemic and work together to fix these system failures and problems.

Developed by the Global Health Technologies Coalition and Pandemic Action Network with members of the Pandemic Preparatory Working Group Pandemic Action Network, In this political context, it urges world leaders to prioritize four key areas to address the critical gaps in R&D, production and supply needed to end the acute crisis of COVID-19 and create a more sustainable, equitable ecosystem of research and development in the future.

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