OnPoint Community Credit Union opens nominations for Prize for Excellence in Education

PORTLAND, Oregon (KTVZ) – The United Credit Union OnPoint announced on Tuesday that it has an open nomination period for the 2022 OnPoint Award for Excellence in Education.

13th The annual holiday awards local educators and schools up to $ 150,000, including a mortgage or rent to three educators who won major prizes, $ 5,000 cash prizes to the three runners-up, and school fees to six finalists.

In addition to recognizing outstanding educators, the OnPoint Award includes a Community Builder Award, which gives four schools $ 2,000 for innovative school projects, and a fifth school selected by a community vote will receive $ 5,000.

“Now, more than ever, we recognize the important role that quality education plays in our society,” said OnPoint President and CEO Rob Stewart. “We celebrate great educators every day, and the OnPoint Award gives us a special opportunity to elevate those who inspire creativity, excitement and curiosity in the classroom, and have a real impact on students, parents, peers and the wider community.”

Anyone can nominate an outstanding educator or apply for the Community Builder Award today by visiting www.onpointprize.com. The nomination deadline ends at 5:30 p.m. PST on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. OnPoint will announce the finalists of the Teacher of the Year competition and the winners of the Community Creator on May 10th.

This year’s awards include:

  • Teachers of the Year
    • Educators of the Year: Three educators, one of whom represents grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12, will pay a mortgage or rent for one full year and receive a $ 2,500 donation to their school for resources and materials.
    • Second place: three teachers, in one of the classes K-5, 6-8 and 9-12, will receive a cash prize of $ 5,000 and an additional $ 1,500 for their schools for resources and materials.
  • Community Builder Awards
    • One community-elected school will receive $ 5,000 for a project that has positively impacted their school or community.
    • Four additional schools will receive $ 2,000 for special projects.

Winners of the 2021 Prize

Since 2010, the OnPoint Award for Outstanding Achievement in Education has awarded more than $ 562,000 in prizes and supported more than 296 local educators and schools. Last year, OnPoint awarded six teachers and 11 schools cash prizes of more than $ 92,000 as part of the OnPoint Prize for Excellence Awards 2021. For details on last year’s Teachers of the Year and Community Creator winners, see below.

Teachers of the Year

Lionel Clegg, 1street class teacher at Woodlon Elementary School in Portland School District, Travis Rook-Lee, 8th A math teacher at Whitford High School in Beaverton School District and Eddie Leiden, director of activities at Beaverton High School, were named Educator of the Year by OnPoint 2021.

Lionel Clegg, teacher of the year at K-5, as a child attended Woodlon Primary School and taught at the primary level for 24 years. Clegg has held a variety of roles at the school, including head of the Boys of Distinction program, a mentoring program he created for boys in grades 3-5, and as an after-school teacher for the SUN School program. He advocates for diversity, equality and inclusion in the classroom, school and community, and has created a culturally relevant learning environment that allows him to maintain strong relationships with his students.

“Teaching is not my job. That is my goal. I am grateful for the opportunity to help shape and change the lives of these children, to help build strong adults out of them, ”Clegg said. “The victory of this award confirmed the important work we are doing. We don’t do it for money; we do it because we really care about children. It’s amazing to know that OnPoint supports us and recognizes our role in the community. ”

Travis Rook-Lee, a teacher of Year 6-8 for 2021, is also committed to creating a strong and polite sense of community in his classroom. He created the Peer Teacher Program with Structured Routine Classroom, which offers space for neurotypical students to work with other people with autism, intellectual disabilities and communication disorders. Ruk-Ley values ​​the diverse life experiences of its diverse student community and often teaches mathematical concepts in the context of real-world applications such as housing, interest, credit, and college education to offer students a better understanding of the importance and relevance of these topics.

Addie Leiden, 9-12 Teacher of the Year 2021, has been working as an educator for over 20 years. By studying systemic racism and achievement gaps, Leiden set out on a mission to break down school barriers for colored students, women, and LGBTQ + students in their lessons. It seeks to listen and learn from its students, prioritizing their mental and physical well-being, and offers support to students who endure issues such as homelessness, abuse, immigration, legal issues, suicide, and mental health issues. She has worked with other high schools to identify areas for staff development on racism and discrimination, and as a result of her work she has been asked to become an advisor to the Black Student Union Club.

Community Builder Awards

In 2021, OnPoint also presented five Community Builder Awards to schools for innovative projects that inspire students, promote community, demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and reach a wide segment of the school community.

The grand prize of $ 5,000, chosen by a community vote, went to the Holy Family Catholic School in Southeast Portland. The award helps fund the participation of speakers, book club materials, art supplies and ingredients for culinary activities as part of a school project on diversity, equity and inclusion that aims to create a safe learning environment and a sense of community.

“OnPoint has given our school a powerful gift,” said Joseph Galati, principal of the Catholic School of the Holy Family. “Being a Community Builder Award winner has given us the impetus to really start exploring and celebrating our diversity and cultural awareness. Collectively, our school has grown so much from this award and has allocated resources to achieve our goal in the first year that we can continue to move in the years to come. I encourage other school groups in our region to apply for the award, as it has greatly affected our community. Thanks, OnPoint! ”

Four schools across Oregon received a $ 2,000 award: the Aubrey Park Elementary School Conscious Discipline Program, the Cheldelin Fire and Food Courtyard Courtyard, the Lila Elementary School Vacation, and StoryWalk’s StoryWalk Elementary School StoryWalk.

About the process of nominating candidates

Information on the OnPoint Award for Outstanding Achievement in Education and how to apply for the nomination is now available at www.onpointprize.com. Anyone can nominate an educator, and educators can also nominate themselves. Applicants must be a full-time teacher, consultant, or librarian for K-12 classes at an accredited public, private, or charter school located in any county served by OnPoint. OnPoint also accepts applications for Community Builders Awards in the same counties. For company information, additional qualifications and competition rules, please visit www.onpointprize.com.


The OnPoint Community Credit Union is the largest credit union in Oregon, serving more than 465,000 members and having assets of $ 9.0 billion. Founded in 1932, membership in the OnPoint Community Credit Union is available to anyone living or working in one of Oregon’s 28 counties (Benton, Clacamas, Klatsop, Columbia, Cus, Crook, Curry, Deshuts, Douglas, Gilliam, Hood River, Jackson , Jefferson, Josephine, Klamath, Lane, Lincoln, Lynn, Marion, Moore, Multnoma, Regiment, Sherman, Tilamuk, Vasco, Washington, Wheeler and Yamhill) and the two counties of Washington (Scamania and Clark) and their immediate family members. More information is available at www.onpointcu.com or 503-228-7077 or 800-527-3932.

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