Ocean Spray Partners with Canomiks to Accelerate Cranberry Product Innovation, Leveraging Proven Heart Health and Blood Pressure Benefits of the Superfruit

BOSTAN, February 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 families of farmers, and Canomiks, a startup technology company that is transforming the functional food and beverage industry, today announced a study using Canomiks technology platform based on artificial intelligence for testing. and confirm the biological effectiveness of cranberries. The relationship with Canomiks through Ocean Spray’s existing partnership with the Plug and Play incubator allows the company to further confirm the superfruit nature of the biological effectiveness of cranberries.

Canomiks has used its genomics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence-based technology to test the biologically active components of cranberries called polyphenols to demonstrate that these biologically active substances can positively affect the genomic pathways responsible for blood vessel modulation. Ocean Spray has provided concentrate and fruit extracts containing natural bioactive cranberries, and Canomiks has applied its exclusive IP and groundbreaking technology to test and validate these ingredients, finding that supporting cranberry heart health and common ways of maintaining blood pressure. . results. (Even 2015, Chu 2018, Richter 2021). These tests demonstrated the way in which the use of cranberry juice helped improve blood pressure, while current data suggested possible ways to act, as well as to uncover and evaluate the hidden health elements of cranberries.

“This is an exciting initiative of our Emerging Science group to accelerate research and study the benefits of biologically active compounds in cranberries, supporting our belief that food is medicine, and consuming a diet rich in plant bioactive substances such as cranberries can help. support health, including by promoting heart health, ”said Katie Halle, senior vice president of research and development at Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

“The field of food as medicine has been studied for many years, and this study is central to taking a step forward to making it a reality and informing about future innovations from Ocean Spray,” said Dr. Lina Pradhan-Nabzdyk, CEO and co-founder of Canomiks. “We are excited to continue this research with Ocean Spray and our work with Plug and Play.”

These results are also based on Ocean Spray’s recent collaboration with Brightseed, a relationship that used AI technology, Forager from Brightseed to analyze and profile the phytochemical structure of cranberries at a small level, forming the foundation of Ocean Spray’s functional products in the future. The bioactive components in cranberries were also identified, which further strengthened the inflammatory and immune processes with the ingredients cranberries and cranberries.

Cranberries have already deeply established the value of the beneficial properties of fruits, in particular for their ability to maintain urinary tract health. These current studies, which use technologies and bioinformatics based on artificial intelligence, support Ocean Spray’s belief that food is medicine, and eating a diet rich in plant bioactive substances, such as cranberries, can help support overall health and, in particular, , heart health.


Founded in 1930, Ocean Spray is a vibrant agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry farmers. USA, Canada and Chile which have helped preserve the family lifestyle for generations. Currently, the Cranberry Cooperative is represented in more than a thousand excellent nutritional products in more than 100 countries. Leading in its goal, Ocean Spray is committed to the power of good – creating good, nutritious food that has a direct and powerful impact on human and planetary health. All for good. Good for everyone. For more information, visit: www.oceanspray.com


The genomics, bioinformatics and platform benefits of Canomiks products based on artificial intelligence help to innovate in new formulations, and to confirm, test and certify the biological effects of functional ingredients and formulations. Exclusive IP and innovative Canomiks technology, developed by world-class scientists, are changing the industry of functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Canomiks: make food like medicine a reality. For more information, visit www.canomiks.com or contact us at [email protected].


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SOURCE Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.


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