New data illustrates how statewide technology tracking is helping Utah education leaders as pandemic continues

The latest Utah school technology inventory includes 88,000 new data points plus separate technology summaries for each Utah school

SALT LAKE SIT, February 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The Utah Education and Television Network (UETN) released this week the fourth iteration of its list of technologies at the Utah School. The report, prepared in collaboration with the national non-profit organization Connected Nation (CN), contains important technology updates in each school Utah which is constantly proving critical to those working in school districts.

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Other school districts can be viewed Utah as an example of how tracking technology brings direct benefits to teachers and students

“We started working with Connected Nation to track technology in our schools in 2015,” they said. Ray Timothy, CEO and CEO of UETN. “The inventory, which is conducted every other year, constantly helps our schools identify areas that need improvement as well as best practices. January 2020 the results were published months before the pandemic. Because Utah Leaders have already taken this proactive approach to improving technology in the classroom, and our schools have been better prepared to turn in response to the closure of COVID-19 – something many other school districts across the country have struggled with in 2020. ”

The 2021 inventory was completed in December and includes 80,000 new data points in 1,037 public schools. It had a 100 percent level of participation among school leadership and district-level technology directors and focused on devices, the age of hardware and software, learning resources, and, for the first time, home access.

“We are very grateful for the UETN technology inventory,” he said Terry AllenCIO, Morgan School district. “This has allowed us to identify assets that are underused so that they can be repurposed in areas in need.”

The main findings include:

  • The number of devices per student is increasing. More than 888,800 computing devices are available for more than 675,500 Utah students.

  • Nationwide, 2 of Utah’s 5 schools (39%) deployed mobile computing devices in a 1: 1 ratio so students could take the devices home.

  • The Google Chromebook is still the most widely deployed device.

  • 1 in 5 Utah schools (19%) say the wireless networking equipment used at the school is the newest of the year; an improvement over the 2019 inventory, when 11% showed the same response.

  • Wired network Utah K-12 schools tend to be older, with more than 2 out of 5 schools (44%) reporting that their wired equipment is four years old and older.

“We welcome the great work of UETN, highlighting the important role that technology plays in the classroom,” he said. Lindsay Conrad, Director of Program Development, CN. “We believe that school districts across the country can watch Utah as an example of how such work directly benefits teachers and students. ”

View the 2021 Utah School Technology Inventory Report. It includes summaries of data for each school Utah.



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