Mass. early education commissioner resigning from post in Baker administration

Massachusetts Department of Education and Care Commissioner Samantha Aigner-Truorgi is set to step down early next month after spending more than two years in office.

Aigner-Trevorgy, who took the oath of office in August 2019 and spent most of her time running the department through a coronavirus pandemic, plans to resign on March 8, the State Executive Board of Education said in a statement.

The next meeting of the Preschool Education and Care Council falls on the same date as her resignation takes effect, and at that time is expected to be named acting commissioner, the statement said.

Aigner-Trevorgi called her work with the agency in the face of “unprecedented problems” related to the COVID-19 outbreak, “the pride” of her career.

“Going to the EEC at a time when childcare played such an important role for the Commonwealth was difficult and extremely rewarding from the first moments of the pandemic, when we opened emergency care for first aid families, medical staff and others. workers are needed so that children can safely remain in care, ”she said in a statement.

In a statement, the department touted on pandemic initiatives developed during Eigner-Trevorga’s tenure, including a pre-stay testing program for children’s centers and a grant program that has distributed more than $ 200 million to childcare providers since 2021. .

She is the last high-ranking education leader in the state to announce that they are leaving their post, following Massachusetts Higher Education Commissioner Carlos E. Santiago in January and Boston Public Schools head Brandi Caselius earlier this month. Both will step down from their current positions at the end of the school year.

The academic landscape at all levels has been rocked by a pandemic, with severe disruptions in learning due to school closures and security protocols such as mask mandates, which pose a constant set of challenges for education leaders across the state. Childcare and early learning are no exception.

Childcare providers are hampered by a number of challenges that threaten their ability to keep classes open, from a shortage of available staff to a growing number of cases this winter. The cost of child care in the state is also among the highest in the country.

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