‘Many nutrient dense, cultured food categories are on the table for innovation’

A recent round of funding was led by Manna Tree with SEMCAP Food & Nutrition and renowned investor Kristen Bell.

The capital injection will help Good Culture reach a new consumer audience and introduce innovations outside the current curd and sour cream lines.

The company will use part of the funding to provide liquidity to some of the brand’s early shareholders, including CAVU Venture Partners.

“The business of good culture is burning in the usual retail chains”Taking care of

Launched in 2015, Jesse Meryl – who had personal experience in curing her own chronic inflammatory bowel disease by eating a diet rich in fermented dairy products – Good Culture has been on an exponential growth path for the past seven years with no signs of slowing down. .

According to the company, over the past five years it has achieved a CAGR of 79%, while increasing the distribution footprint to more than 10,000 stores. Good Culture is also the fastest growing cottage cheese brand in MULO and Natural Channels, where it became the №1 cottage cheese brand in the Natural Channel and the №1 natural cottage cheese brand in MULO.

“The business of good culture is burning in the usual retail chains,”Merrill told FoodNavigator-USA.

Merrill said the company has earned about $ 70 million in retail sales over the past 52 weeks with plans to reach $ 100 million in revenue by the end of 2022.

“We continue to see huge growth potential in dairy cultivators. There is more and more research linking cultivated dairy products to a greater diversity of the microbiome, and this benefits gut health, brain health, heart health, inflammation and the immune system. We are just beginning educating and educating people about these benefits, ”said Meryl.


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