ATLANTA, February 22, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Insight Global, national leader in human resources, announces promotion today Jared Strepa president of Insight Global’s technology department. In this role, Streppa will be responsible for strengthening the department’s financial and operational strength to ensure that Insight Global continues to adhere to its goal and shared values. As the company continues to grow and employs more than 60,000 people annually North AmericaStrepa and his team will work to provide quality IT talent to their clients, as well as provide IT talent with career opportunities.

“Jared has been an incredible leader in Insight Global’s technology division for more than a decade, not only helping to strengthen this important department, but also contributing to the professional growth of more than 400 team members,” he said. Sam Kaufman, Chief Revenue Officer Insight Global. “I am confident that Jared will continue to be an invaluable part of the team and will purposefully manage our IT department as it continues to serve as a foundational discipline directly related to our growth.”

Streppa graduated from Vilanova University with a bachelor’s degree in communications. After graduating, he began his professional career in Insight Global as a recruiter, then continued to advance his roles as a job manager, sales manager and regional manager, where he successfully managed several North American IT markets as well as businesses. and sales. analytical departments. The new vice president of Strep will oversee a team of five vice presidents, 29 regional managers and more than 60 offices across the board. USA and Canada.

“From day one, Insight Global’s leadership has contributed to my personal and professional development, and as a company committed to advancing from within, I am excited to continue to cultivate an environment in which every member of our team has the same experience,” Strepa said. “It’s no secret that technology will continue to evolve and shape the world around us. Our unit is committed to making our clients and consultants at the center of this evolution. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve both of these groups, now and in the future.”

Streppa’s promotion is part of Insight Global’s commitment to promote 1,000 people over a 2022 calendar year. As the company works to fulfill its goal of being a light to others, promotion is one of the most tangible ways to do so. Insight Global is deeply committed to investing in the development of its people and truly caring for employees.

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