How Kraft Heinz is using its ‘Kraft-O-Matic’ software to boost innovation

Kraft-O-Matic is the brazen name of Kraft Heinz for a patented software and data science model that analyzes consumer behavior in its brands and integrates point-of-sale data, consumer reviews and other marketing data.

“In marketing, our goal was to understand our consumers in more detail and be able to reach them with the right content to offer the right products at the right time,” Abrams-Rivera said.

Abrams-Rivera explained that Kraft-O-Matic’s ideas, in turn, feed an in-house content studio known as The Kitchen, which develops custom assets, such as websites and online advertising messages, to support new products and promotions.

This has allowed the company to gain consumer commitment with unusual innovations such as the Mac & Cheese pink-flavored candy variety it unveiled last year on Valentine’s Day, as well as a website that supports Flavor Boost packages that bring buffalo chicken, ranch and spices for pizza on Mac and Cheese dish.

According to the companies, Google technologies are used in various ways to support digital transformation.

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For example, using platforms such as YouTube and its creators, Kraft Heinz is better versed in its consumer relationships and uses this knowledge to develop more effective and efficient marketing through Google advertising.

“Based on its excellent relationship with Google Ads, Kraft Heinz has decided to work with Google Cloud to accelerate its digital transformation by opening up new growth channels for consumers with privacy,” said Giuseppe Buonfantina, vice president of consumer products at Google Solutions. statement.

Kraft Heinz is undergoing its third year of transformation under CEO Miguel Patricia, based on leveraging the large company’s ability to scale. While the first phases focused on the internal fundamentals and the deployment of the new operating model, its results began to be reflected in the financial statements. During today’s CAGNY presentation, the company increased its annual growth forecast for net sales to 2-3% from 1% to 2%.

The turnaround at Kraft Heinz was “impressive,” JP Morgan analyst Tom Palmer wrote in a note to clients on Tuesday.

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“Large ships like this one are not easy to deploy, and we are sure of that [Patricio’s] a growth strategy around leading brands, categories and regions, ”he wrote, casting concern on rising shares of Kraft Heinz, which has risen more than 16% over the past week and more than 12% on the calendar. year

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