‘Grow Your Own’ one BISD answer for special education teachers

Nolan Kapkowski is a special education teacher at the high school branch that works at Ryan Elementary School in Bronson.

Teaching was not Kapkowski’s lifelong dream and was not even on the radar of his career until he worked as a parapro at the Waldron Center with Darcy Trumbauer. Her teaching methods pulled him on a new path.

Although he has always worked with young people, Kopkovki jumped after high school, attending classes in various disciplines at the college here and there.

A few years ago he arrived in Caldwater, a single dad who came to town because his father got a job in Branch County. Family support is important for single parents.

Working with Trumbower, Kopkovki realized this was something he really enjoyed, and began working on a teaching degree.

Ryan had a long-term replacement, for which he qualified and was hired. Kopkovka received a bachelor’s and master’s degree. It really helped that his college classes were online and he was always busy.

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