FlexEnable Raises $11-$25M for Mass Production of Flexible Displays

FlexEnable, a leader in the development and industrialization of flexible organic electronics, has raised $ 11 million in funding for the B. Coretronic series, a major Taiwanese manufacturer of LCD backlight modules, has made strategic investments along with significant European family offices. The initial investment of $ 11 million includes an additional $ 14 million and is expected to fund FlexEnable before scaling up mass production of flexible displays and liquid crystal optical modules from Asian display partners. The funds will also be used to expand the company’s capacity to produce organic materials to meet the growing needs of display partners entering mass production.

The award-winning FlexEnable organic electronics platform includes a full range of FlexiOM вытвор production processes and organic semiconductor materials, which together open the production of flexible organic non-glass LCDs (OLCDs) and liquid crystal optical films (LC Optics). This breakthrough allows virtually any surface to display information or control, modulate and focus light. Ultrathin, lightweight, flexible and even compatible with 3D, OLCD and LC Optics have an address market of $ 100 billion, which includes laptops and tablets, smart home devices, AR / VR headsets, cars, monitors and TVs. For more information, see the IDTechEx report on flexible printed OLED displays 2020-2030: forecasts, markets, technologies.

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