Finnish start-up raises EUR 10M to commercialize ‘breakthrough technology’ to produce egg white without chickens

Finnish biotech startup Onego Bio has announced the successful closing of the € 10 million sowing round involving venture capitalists Agronomics Limited and Maki VC. The Onego Bio technology, developed and researched at VTT, allows the production of bioalbumin using cellular agricultural technology.

Bioalbumin is an egg white without animals, which is produced by a particularly precise fermentation process, which creates an identical egg white protein without the need for animals.

The company believes that demand for egg white without animals will grow globally because intensive livestock farming poses many environmental hazards such as over-use of land, greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity and the risk of global pandemics.

“It’s part of a bigger wave of changing people’s views on alternative ways of producing food. It’s time to develop this technology and start producing our products, as consumers are more open to trying non-animal products. ” Said Onego Bio CEO Maya Itkonen.

World egg production has almost doubled in the last 20 years and is projected to reach 138 million tonnes by 2030. The VTT team has developed a safe, sustainable and cost-effective cell farming method to produce the egg, the most common egg. white protein. This is a biotechnological process based on the use of microflora Trichoderma reeseifor protein production with water, sugar and some minerals, can provide a significant improvement in the environment for egg white production, the company said. The team believes that the chosen technology is the best because of its efficiency and performance.


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